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BlackMen Digital Interview: Coco Pt. 2

Thursday 17th, March 2011

BM: Tell us about your new clothing line. 

C: I started a new clothing line for curvy women, because for the longest I had problems with buying clothes off the rack that fit my body type. I saw that other women had the same problem. My designs are structured to be very elastic and super stretchy and some are designed with the look of denim even though it’s not. The waist will be smaller and there’s more stretch around the hips and butt. It’s a stretchy booty with a thinner elastic waist. People will either love or hate my style but it’s important that we design it for the women who have similar features. The name of the clothing line will be “Licious” like delicious without the “D." Then there will be “Inside Of ‘Licious” which is my gym wear. Then there is “Team Coco” which will be my athletic and workout apparel.



BM: What are your thoughts on Playboy Magazine?

C: I worked with them when I was a teen; they are wonderful people but I had a hard time being who they wanted me to be. Now they realize I’m a grown woman in a relationship. Hef, Hugh Hefner,  is a great person no matter what people say about him, he’s calmed down a lot, (maybe he's sewn his wild oats) I’m thankful for Playboy. Everyone wants me to do the cover of Playboy, so they need to write in and request me.


BM: Do you enjoy fetish shoots?

C: I love them; I don’t do enough of them.


BM: What’s your favorite naughty costume?

C: Anything with fishnet stockings, I would do a fishnet bodysuit.


BM: Have you ever been turned on during a photo shoot?

C: I try to concentrate on getting that pose, but as I imagine myself in the pose I get turned on thinking about myself, I love my boobs, so when I see my boobs I get turned on.


BM: What was the most awkward moment in sex you have ever had?

C: There is an unknown tape floating around, but other than that I am open sexually, so nothing really bothers me.


BM: Do you enjoy making your fans sweat?

C: Yes, that’s what I like, to get reactions from people when they are looking at my pictures. People who are not into my type see me and get “turned out." People were more respectful since I was with Ice and they were afraid to ask me to model for a long time. Since BlackMen approached me, it gave me the outlet to express myself and several other covers and special issues followed. Magazines such as King didn’t think a white woman should be on the cover of a men’s magazine that had a predominantly black audience.  I thought that was lame. Smooth put me on the cover and that issue sold out!


BM: What are your final words to your fans?

C: To all the urban magazines that helped me get there, thank you!