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BlackMen Digital Interview: Coco Pt. 1

Thursday 17th, March 2011

BM: Where does your name “Coco” come from? Is it just your media name and if so what is your real name? 

C: Coco is my nickname. I have a stepbrother who is 10 years younger than me. When he was two years old, he could not say my whole name Nicole, so he called me “Cole” or “Cole Cole,” which eventually evolved into “Coco”. 


BM: It is ironic that you and Ice-T are named after the world’s most popular drinks. When you met, did you think how cool it was  to have such similarities in your stage names? 

C: When I met Ice, his nickname was a drink also, so people assume that he made it up for me, but I had the name ‘way before I met Ice. So we just happened to be popular drinks!


BM: Ice seems to be very comfortable with your modeling. Is he at ease with it? 

C: He’s always around when I model, so it’s not like I go on some secret prowl when I model. He sees that I take it very seriously and professionally. He doesn’t want to get in the way, so he lets me do my thing. If he has a concern, he will bring me  over to the side and discuss it, but that’s very rare. He is very comfortable with our relationship. He knows that I’m not a wanderer, that I’m stable in what we do together. If a couple is secure in their relationship then they can do anything, they can fight the world. The one thing that’s great about him is that I could’ve married a lawyer, a Wall Street type or a politician, but I’m not that type of girl. I’m more of a rocker rebel and I like to do my own thing, with Ice. I can do my own thing while being married. 


BM: Can you elaborate on your similarities?

Ice and I have very similar personalities, which is very rock and roll. We’re like rebels in our own way, but diverse. That’s why I appreciate that all types of men read BlackMenMagazine. 


BM: Are there any restrictions when you model? 

C: We’ve never had a talk about what I can or can’t do; we just need to have a respect for each other and it’s all about the money. If it’s a love scene that I have to do, of course we would discuss it, but at the same time, how much money am I really getting? If it’s a lot of money down the road, then he understands. He’s like “Coco do it,” but if I’m getting $50 for it then I’m “gonna pass.” It depends on the cash and it’s all about the dollar sign. As far as restrictions go, you just have to keep in mind that you’re married. Nothing serious, we are kind of an open couple anyway that has a “whatever” approach to everything.