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BlackMen Digital Interview: Kristy Williams

Thursday 17th, March 2011

BM: What’s your full name?

KW: Kristy Williams.


BM: Growing up did you have any nicknames?

KW: Coco calls me Kris, but when I was younger they called me Bubbles because of my “bubbly personality”, plus my natural curves.


BM: Where were you born?

KW: I was born in Tarzana, Ca. I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 8 years before moving to Arizona.


BM: What were your teen years like?

KW: I had my first son when I was 18 years-old.


BM: Were you into sports?

KW: Coco and I didn’t do sports; we were into dance. Our mother enrolled us in dance classes and we loved it. We took classes for 5 years. We also took the dance classes that our high school offered.  There were times when we were taking 8 classes a day.


BM: What about cheerleading?

KW: No.


BM: What concerns you the most about photo shoots?

KW: I think what we talk about most is not having too many people on production sets because people like to take pictures without permission and publish them. Plus, I can’t concentrate on the shoot, so we normally request a closed set.


BM: You have to be careful in entertainment because your image is out there and the world is full of crazy people. Do you agree?

KW: I think there are more people out of control than there are stable people, so when you find a stable person you find them to be odd. In entertainment, everyone has a messed up image of themselves, where they should be, or being someone that they are not. Creative or crazy?  On Twitter people say that I’m a bit outlandish, but would you be following me if I wasn’t out there? 


BM: What about your ethnicity?

KW: I’m part Yugoslavian, French, German and British.


BM: What’s your astrological sign?

KW: I’m a Leo. “Don’t mess with my mane!”


BM: What are your measurements?

KW: I’m 36-25-40. I take a small in dresses.



BM: What is your favorite food and drink?

KW: My favorite comfort food is ColdStone ice cream. It keeps me from getting cranky. For drinks I like chai tea from Starbucks or a sweet white wine. A Riesling always works for me.


BM: You seem very comfortable in front of the camera, have you and Coco always been into performing?

KW: The first day I wasn’t so comfortable,  It was the latex I think, it was like 50 people in the room watching, being half naked with cameras, “kids in the background, excuse me, get that sheet off of your head” ok I’m back.  I had no idea that my sister was going to have a camera crew there, so that wasn’t so comfortable. It’s been a while since I’ve modeled.  I’ve taken private pictures for my husband with a friend, but this time it was an entire crew watching me in latex, so it took me a while to get used to, but the next day I was ok. I love the pin up theme.


BM: Have you ever dreamed of entering the entertainment business?

KW: Yes, our parents met on the set of Bonanza (a classic Western Film from the 1960’s) so we grew up in the entertainment industry. Our mother didn’t want us to get in it.. My sister Coco was always the model and I was always the actress and those were our dreams when we were younger but things change when you get older. We both did a little bit of acting and modeling.  I did do some modeling for J-Crew catalogs and clothing lines which was a lot of fun, but modeling was really my sister’s thing and I was mostly holding the camera taking pictures of Coco. We were both into theater, so we did local theater in plays like Beauty and the Beast.


BM: What was your first stage experience like?

KW: It was an adrenalin rush, then the nervousness just went away and it’s like time to perform.  You don’t see the audience because of the stage lights so it’s like you are performing for yourself until you hear the applause and you’re like wow!  It’s funny, the first performance we did, we were 3. Mom said I was always the shy one and Coco was more outgoing but when we got on stage Coco froze up and I became open and my voice projected louder than anyone. I have my moments. I love when I go to plays because it makes me miss being on stage I always tell my husband how I wish I could do stage again.


BM: Did you guys ever plan on pursuing entertainment together?

KW: We had this big dream that we were going to buy this big house with white tigers. We had crazy dreams! One of the shots that I really enjoyed doing was the shot where I was drawing/painting her portrait while she was laying posed nude. All I could think about the whole time was when I was 15 years old, I discovered her booty and her V shape hip separation. I was into drawing naked women and was obsessed with her butt and the V shape at the top, I had the dimples; she had the V which we discovered one day as she was getting out of the shower. I asked her not move so I could picture it in my head and draw it later. The line in her sculpted waist and she was beautiful with her hair flowing to the side, her booty and her v. I was only 15 at the time, so either I was taking pictures of my sister or drawing pictures of her. The painting shot was so realistic because it reminded me of when I used to draw or photograph her.



BM: How did you feel about your first shoot with us?

KW: I was excited , we shoot together all the time, but never for a magazine. So this is the first shoot to appear in a magazine. Anything we can do together for memories to show my kids when they get older how momma used to look “mamma was hot!” It’s important for kids to know that their parents are more than someone who feeds them and takes care of them.  You appreciate your parents more,  the older you get. When I was young I didn’t think my parents were that cool, now I think they are awesome, and I have a hot mom, she could have been on that photo shoot with us. That will be your next shoot with the 3 of us she laughs.


BM: What was your favorite outfit?

KW: I liked all of the burlesque looks including the leopard cropped unitard while we were painting and the feathered Anne Demulester vest.


BM: Which theme made you feel like you were living out an outrageous fantasy?

KW: The first day when we were wearing the latex,  if I was in my own bedroom with my husband,  that would work. I can be controlling at times, very dominatrix.


BM: At what point during the shoot did you feel the sexiest?

 KW: In all of the burlesque looks on the couch.


BM: What do you think about to get into character for your sexiest pose?

KW: I zone everyone out and think about how to allure my husband. We have strip club nights at our house where I dress up and perform for him. We used to have sex like 7 times a day and its important to keep the fire lit in the relationship.


BM: Are you considering modeling full time?

KW: No, but I may do some theater.


BM: What are your future plans and goals?

KW: Getting my kids out of my house. Raising good children. My oldest son is a perfect gentleman. To have 3 kids, two being twins, I’m still hot. To all the moms out there, you are still hot and you have to express your freaky side from time to time. Laughs.


BM: You have very striking features. In capturing an expression for a photo, is there a technique that you practice before shooting? 

KW: The poses, the look, everything comes off as art, and if you are meant to be a model, then it will just come to you. I don’t think you have to go to school for it, you just have to do it. It takes years of practice to get it right, but now it comes so easy as opposed to when I first started. I know now I have to keep things a certain way. Like holding my stomach in, keeping my neck up, giving a different look each camera click. It’s a technique that not everyone can do. If you try to do it, it’s not going to read well through the camera lens. I love it when the photographers express how much they loved my poses and expressions. How they take my magazine covers and show them to other models as examples. If they consider that perfection, then I believe I have mastered it. I’m no longer in school for it because I have learned enough to do it on my own.