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BlackMen Digital Interview: Montana Fishburne

Thursday 17th, March 2011

Laurence Fishburne is one of the most respected actors in Hollywood and he probably would have loved for his daughter, Montana Fishburne, to carry on his legacy. Montana definitely has her sights on making a name for herself in Hollywood but not in the way her father would approve. On August 10th, Montana Fishburne released her very first sex-tape with Vivid Entertainment, “Montana Fishburne: An A-List Daughter Makes Her XXX Debut”. The upcoming porn star has been making more noise than she anticipated but if that means more people will go out and buy her sex-tape then she’s all for it!!!


BM: Montana Fishburne, You are stirring up a lot of mess and pissing off your father Lawrence Fishburne… What’s going on with you girl?

MF: What’s going on? My sex-tape Montana Fisburne: A-List Daughter Makes Her XXX debut came out on August 10th. It’s doing great but people are asking, “Why you did this?”  You know… I guess that’s the controversy. [Laughs]


BM: You and your father [Laurence Fishburne] are currently not on speaking terms but word on the street is that he’s paying your attorney fees in the lawsuit against Brian Pumper. Is this correct?

MF: No. I have a pending case but I can’t talk about it and ummm… That’s it! [Laughs]


BM: So, does that mean your father is paying for it?

MF: I can’t really say. I’m not supposed to talk about it but let’s just say it’s taken care of.


BM: How old are you again? 

MF: 18. I‘ll be 19 on September 7th.


BM: I ask that because you are so young, when did you decide you wanted to be a porn star? Was it really when you saw Kim Kardashian getting it in with Ray-J?

MF: No. I thought about it when I was 16 after I lost my virginity.  I got into the… I guess my sexual awakening. 18, I recorded myself, loved it, love the visual and like just what I saw. I wanted to share it with the world, so I went to Vivid and made one.


BM: Have you run into Kim Kardashian yet?

MF: No. [Laughs]


BM: Someone asked her if she heard about you and her response was “No.” I guess we’re all wondering, why you chose this path to stardom?  No one understands.

Montana: The only real parallel I draw to Kim Kardashian is [that] she had a sex tape come out and the difference between her and me is she wasn’t proud, she was ashamed and it wasn’t supposed to happen. Mine, this is something I’m proud of. This is something that I want to do and the main similarity that I see, the reason why I admire her so much is because she had that come out and is still able to do all these great things and everybody knows all her goods. [Laughs] She’s still successful and a positive role model and because I want to do mainstream work as well, besides this, you know, porn, I have a lot of positive things I can do and inspire other people to do.


BM: With all that being said, what is your ultimate goal that you want to achieve in life?

MF: To be successful and to make people feel good about themselves, honestly. I feel like with the adult entertainment industry, even though people say it’s degrading and exploitative, it really is showing the body in the form and it’s nothing to be ashamed of and that’s really what I want to show. It’s like, love yourself… It’s not anything bad. If you want to do something… Do It!! Don’t hold back your dreams because of what people are going to say or any kind of sh*t they are going to talk about you.


BM: There are other ways to showcase that you love yourself.

MF: There are definitely others ways to showcase that you love yourself but that’s just the way that I like. That’s something that I’m passionate about, that’s something that I’m interested in. That’s a real love of mine is the adult entertainment world, the fantasy and the naughty side and all the crazy stuff that comes with it.


BM: How often do you have people come up to you on the street making derogatory comments about the path you have chosen?

MF: Some people are like “Oh my God, I can’t believe you’re doing this? “ and I’ll stop and talk to them. They get to know me and they see like it’s not a big deal. And even though it’s not a big deal, it is a big deal. A lot of people think, “You’re doing this to your father” and like it’s so bad but it has nothing to do with him. I love him to death. It really doesn’t bother me, the negativity, because I know what the truth is and once I can explain it to them and make them understand then it’s like… All right, next go to something new. Just be happy for me like, hello! Go buy the movie; you’re going to like it!


BM: What do have to say to all the people that have something to say about the spots on your butt?

MF: The marks on my butt are just blemishes. I don’t have a problem with it. I call it my Leopard booty. It’s cute to me and I’ve had it forever. That’s why I tell people to love themselves because we all have imperfections. People made fun of Deelishis, she had those things on her chest but she said, “I like them, they are apart of me.”


BM: Do you see yourself being apart of the adult entertainment industry for a long time?

MF: I honestly don’t know because I definitely want to do more film but I also want to get behind the camera and maybe produce. I do really want to have a porn company or something like that. I’m interested in the industry so, I don’t want to jump out completely. So, I honestly don’t know.


BM: Marriage and Children… Is that something that you want to have in the future?

MF: Yeah, I want to get married, have a family and have a fabulous life. [Laughs] As long as the guy that I’m with is comfortable with what I do… That’s all that matters.


BM: What are you mother’s thoughts on her daughter doing porn? It had to be the shocker of the year when she first heard about it.

MF:  Ummmm, she was shocked at first and then she just wants me to be positive, safe and healthy. She talks to me. She doesn’t necessarily like that I’m in adult entertainment but she’s like “Ok.” She’s supportive of me living and having my career.


BM: What measures do the adult entertainment industry do to ensure that you all are safe and healthy?

MF: Before filming you get tested. Literally, like right before, like you show it, like “We’re both good!”  And then we do the scene. Some people have condom policies, some don’t. Birth control and everything so, it’s really calculated to make sure that you are safe. Of course there are slip-ups but that’s why I don’t want to get so involved and do tons and tons of movies because I want to protect my safety.


CJ: Do you prefer condoms or no condoms?

MF:  I mean, I definitely prefer condoms but there are no condoms in my movie. I’m just saying I like condoms in everyday life because I’m not trying to have a baby.


Editor's Note: This interview with Montana was conducted August.  Sources now say that Montana Fishburne admitted herself into a rehab facility. We can’t help but to think that her father, Laurence Fishburne, may finally put his foot down, hoping to get his daughter back on what most people would think is the “right track.” However, when speaking with Montana, she seemed pretty sane and sure of what she wanted to do with her life. Regardless of what she decides to do… The sex tape is out there and it’s not going anywhere!