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BlackMen Digital Interview: Claudia Jordan

Thursday 17th, March 2011

Claudia Jordan is more than just a model holding a briefcase on NBC’s Deal or No Deal.  She’s in business with two powerful men, Jamie Foxx and Donald Trump, and has a resume that many women would love to claim as their own. After working on shows like The Price is Right, Extra, Access Hollywood, Celebrity Apprentice, and Deal or No Deal, Claudia Jordan’s curves and beautiful face have been her business card for the past ten years. Now it’s time to brand her name 


BM: When someone says, “Who is Claudia Jordan?” and their response is “She’s the girl from Deal or No Deal,” how does that make you feel, especially when you have so many layers?

CJ: I understand why they say that; it was a huge show, but I feel of all the things I’ve done, not to diminish that, it’s certainly on the lower end to me as far as talent is concerned. I was a reporter at the Million Man March. I was one of the few Black girls that co-hosted the Miss Universe pageant. It kind of bothers me sometimes, like, “Oh, that’s the model” or “You did videos.” I did videos years ago, but I do understand that some of the things I’ve done that, to me, are more meaningful, maybe people just didn’t know. I worked for Fox Sports, co-hosted a show with Carmen Electra called Living Large, Extra, Access Hollywood––A lot of stuff. I was on the show Ballers, the only female on a sports show carrying my own and covered extreme sports. [So] It’s a little frustrating at times. I wish people would know me for more than a briefcase. I guess that means I just have more work to do in the business.


BM:  What’s really interesting about you is that you have Oscar winner Jamie Foxx on your left and real estate mogul Donald Trump on your right. How does it feel to also have Donald Trump on your team?

CJ:  It’s crazy. It’s a good look to be associated with Donald Trump. Some people don’t like Donald Trump but you can’t deny the man’s success. He’s a billionaire; he knows what he’s doing. There’s a show he wants to do with me and I feel flattered that he wants to be in business with me because I want to be in business with him. I always thought Donald Trump was like the richest man in America growing up as a kid.  Now it’s like he’s my personal friend.  It’s a legitimate business, real friendship and if he rides for you and he believes in you, he will have your back. I want to be in business with successful people that are doing way better than myself. That’s the only way to make you better.  It’s crazy, like you said, I have Jamie on the left and Donald on the right. I feel very blessed that these people have respect for me, and they are from different genres and different parts of the entertainment business. I feel pride in my upbringing and in always being myself.


BM:  Now that you’re back on Jamie Foxx’ Foxx Hole Sirius Radio Show where you can be as dirty as you want to, is that liberating or do you try to preserve your wholesome image?

CJ:  It’s liberating but it’s also definitely conflicting when it comes to it. I’m not going to lie to you. I struggle with it all the time because I am a smart ass by nature and I come from a family of comedians, they’re hilarious. My grandmother tells dirty jokes; my uncles and cousins are funny.  The Foxxhole is kind of how my family is; they go in on each other and I think it’s hilarious. But then part of me likes the classy, no cussin’, lady, the pageant girl––I’m conflicted. Part of me wants to have that clean, wholesome, marketable, daytime TV persona. But then I also feel that I have an edge.  If only I could find something in the middle.


BM:  What’s the next big thing for Claudia Jordan?

CJ:  I’ve been talking with a production company [Bright Ideas] in Atlanta. We are working on a sitcom. I don’t do a lot of acting because I don’t think I’m good at it [laughs] to be honest with you. I stay in my lane. I don’t have any misconceptions about where I stand on certain things. I know what I am, I know what I’m good at, and I know what my strengths are. There is a sitcom I’m working on called My Parents, My Sister and Me. Debbie Allen is one of the executive producers along with Will Hollins. I play a schoolteacher, Angela Wilson. Robin Givens is also in it.  She has a daughter and is married to a White man who also has a daughter.  It’s about combining the two families together.  There are a lot of messages in the show, which I really like. I appear in about seven episodes. In addition, I’ve been in talks to do a talk show and I’m working on that. I’m hammering out the details, such as set design, contract and what it’s going to be about.  That’s my ideal dream job.  I’ve been talking about that for a long time. You need to have a talk show, and that’s what I want to do.


BM:  What are your plans for the Holidays?

CJ:  Last year was my busiest year ever.  I didn’t really spend that much time with my family, I’ve gone a whole year without going home. This year I’m really going to go home for Thanksgiving. I always do what has kept me the same. Hopefully, I’ll figure out the details on the talk show or another radio project I have, but really just spending time with my family.