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BlackMen Digital Interview: Wakina

Thursday 17th, March 2011

BM: Why do you think you should be a BlackMenMagazine Model?  

W: I really worked hard to get to this point. In the few years I have been doing urban modeling, I made sure that I always produced quality images. I’m committed to modeling, I study and research from walking the runway to striking a pose. I always handle myself in a professional manner and stay humble at all times. Modeling has always been a passion of mine and one of my dreams was to be able to shoot for BlackMenMagazine. Now it’s finally coming true and I’m truly thankful and blessed to have this opportunity.



BM: Did you market yourself to fans on www.

W: Yes, I made sure the information was posted on my site, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter sites.


BM: Were you always this amazingly curvy?

W: Never.  I was very slim size 0-4


BM: What disadvantages do you feel you have as an urban model?  

W: That because of my curves, I’m considered too ethnic which is a disadvantage when you’re trying to go mainstream.


BM: Do you think that having size 40 or more hips inhibits most models?

W: Yes, because you are categorized as being a plus size. In the fashion world being a little curvy can stop you from getting certain work.


BM: Where do you train if you are acting?

W: That’s one of my next projects, attending an acting class or two. I definitely want to do television.


BM: Do you have a commercial head shot?

W: Yes, I do.


BM: Do you understand that without these things on your resume that you career if any might be short?

W: Yes I do.


BM: Favorite drink?

W: Blueberry Martinis.


BM: Favorite food?

W: Thai food.


BM: Mood Music?

W: 80’s music.


BM: Favorite Vacation Spot?

W: Cancun.


BM: Favorite place to be kissed?

W: Neck and Back...that’s what you call my hot spot.


BM: Favorite body part on your man?

W: Lips.


BM: Favorite place to kiss him?

W: His whole body.


BM: How often do you measure yourself?

W: All the time since I have a high metabolism; my weight fluctuates.


BM: Are you proud of your curves?

W: Yes I am.



BM: What curvaceous celebrity do you identify as a role model for success?

W: That would have to be Tyra Banks.


BM: Have you invested money into your career?

W: Yes of course, and don’t have a problem doing it.


BM: Do or would you work a 9 to 5 until your career took off?

W: At this point my full focus is modeling, this is my career so I have to invest all my time into it. Modeling can be demanding with traveling and doing different assignments. A 9 to 5 limits you and to be a successful model all your time and energy needs to be geared towards your career. If not, you will see yourself neglecting your modeling because your obligated to that job. I have worked all my life since age 16 but now since my career is taking off, this is my main focus, no distractions.


BM: If you had an agent, would you refer all assignments to them as in your agreement, or do you feel you should take some work without informing them?

W: I feel if you have an agent you should run the work by them first. Let your agent do his/her job that’s what they get paid for especially if there’s a signed contract. You should never break the trust between you and your agent, that’s bad business. Which will put you on the road to failure, the plan here is to succeed, not FAIL. Now if you have something you don’t agree with that’s when you communicate to resolve any issues.


BM: How do you feel about magazines like Elle and Vogue, do you think they should feature more curvaceous women?

Yes, especially since the world is steady evolving with fashion and models. Everyone deserves a chance to shine especially if they have the potential.


BM: How do you plan to change the game?

W: By helping others get started. I notice that when a lot of models make their big breaks you have other women that look up to them and want to get where they are. Upcoming models will tend to reach out to established models and get the cold shoulder “like chick, make your own way because I’m not helping” or you get silence, which means no response. That happened to me when I reached out to established models. Only one model, Sultry Simone, gave me advice and I will never forget that to this day because she didn’t see me as a threat but as someone that she inspired. I want to help upcoming models who have the potential to be on top. In this game things are always changing, you can be hot one day and not the next, so why not hold onto resources that can help the next person? Selfishness is a disease and I plan to give advice, resources whenever I can to those who I feel are serious and able to produce what people want. I hate the Diva attitudes some of these models have like they never were that person who was inspired by the next. Now since I’m at this level in my career, I plan to help those who look at me for inspiration.