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BlackMen Digital Interview: Tammy Torres

Thursday 17th, March 2011

BM: Were you always this amazingly curvy? 

TT: Yes, it runs in my family. Being that I am full Cuban, we come with special assets in the deal.



BM: What disdvantages do you feel as an urban model?

TT: I feel as I have no disadvantages,  I speak three languages, and I can be versatile separates me from most.



BM: Where do you train if you are pursuing acting? 

TT: I recently made the move to LA where I'll be coached by the great Aaron Speiser who is also Will Smith's personal acting coach.



BM: Do you have a commercial head shot?

TT: Of course.



BM: Favorite drink?

TT: Mango Mojitos.



BM: Favorite food? 

TT: I'm a big fan of sushi.



BM: Mood Music?

TT: Soft R&B.



BM: Favorite vacation spot?

TT: London, UK.



BM: Favorite place to be kissed?

TT: Neck and back.



BM: Favorite body part on your man?

TT: Abs, chest.



BM: Favorite place to kiss him?

TT: Lips.



BM: How often do you measure yourself?

TT: At least once a week.



BM: Are you proud of your curves? 

TT: Yes, I love them. It’s the part of my body that makes me feel sexier as a woman.



BM: What curvaceous celebrity do you identify as a role model for success?

TT: I look at someone like Jennifer Lopez to compare myself to, being that we come from similar backgrounds and her career has blossomed like no other. She makes all curvaceous women a hot trend.


BM: Have you invested money into your career?

TT: Yes, a lot of it! I think it's important for everyone’s beginning. I started with investing into my own website—



BM: How do you feel about magazines like Elle and Vogue, do you think they should feature more curvaceous women?

TT: It's always nice to pick up a magazine and see beautiful, curvy women. Yes, it would be nice.



BM: How do you plan to change the game?

TT: As the CEO of a company, TCapital of South Florida, I plan to further my career with my charity work, acting and modeling as well as continuing on with my real estate. I plan to open the door for other aspiring models and to create a different perception of women in this industry.