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BlackMen Digital Interview: Jessica "Rabbit" Rich

Thursday 17th, March 2011

BM: Why do you think you should be a BlackMen Magazine model?

JR: I should be a Black Men’s model because not only do I have the look, but I can work the camera and make men melt with my eyes.



BM: Did you market yourself to fans on

JR: I’m now starting to market myself on and I feel that I will benefit from it.



BM: Were you always this amazingly curvy?

JR: I have been curvy since I was a child, it’s sad to say. I’ve always been thick.



BM: What disadvantages do you feel you have as an urban model?

JR: The disadvantages of being an urban model are that the industry doesn’t always take you as seriously or they feel that you’re representing porn. I love being sexy without being fully nude and If Marilyn Monroe can do it, then so can I.



BM: Do you think having a size 40 or more hips inhibits most models?

JR: Having a size 40 hips is a blessing in my eyes, and it helps me in this industry. By the way, it’s all natural!



BM: Where do you train if you are acting?

JR: I’ve trained here in Houston at the Jecaryious Johnson School. I also plan on training in L.A.



BM: Do you have a commercial head shot?

JR: I do have a commercial head shot. You have to update them all of the time, though.



BM: Do you understand that without these things on your resume that your career if any, may be short?

JR: Yes, without a head shot you won’t be able to try out for may mainstream modeling jobs, so it’s very important.



BM: Your favorite drink?

JR: My favorite drinks are Peach tea and alcohol or Ciroc, Red Berry and Sprite.



BM: Favorite Food?

My favorite food is Italian.



BM: Mood Music?

JR: I love all types of music, but to get me in the mood I like old school R & B.



BM: Favorite vacation spot?

My favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas because I love the pool parties and the exclusive shopping.



BM: Favorite place to be kissed?

JR: I love to be kissed on my bottom and neck.



BM: Favorite body part on your man?

JR: N/A.



BM: Favorite place to kiss him?

JR: I like to kiss him wherever he wants me to.



BM: How often do you measure yourself?

JR: I measure myself whenever I see a tape measure lying around. I can’t help myself.



BM: Are you proud of your curves?

JR: I used to be very shy about them, but now I love my curves. I feel like a “real woman”.



BM: What curvaceous celebrity do you identify with as a role model for success?

JR: I’d have to say Kim Kardashian would be my role model. When it comes to curves, she made Hollywood appreciate them.



BM: Have you invested money in your career?

JR: I’ve invested in my career. You have to. Just keeping up my looks is an investment.  There’s the gum pass, hair, nails, good photographers and photo editing. Sometimes you have to fly yourself out to a shoot, but it all pays off.



BM: Do you or would you work a 9 to 5 until your career took off?

JR: I don’t work and I haven’t worked in years. I’m a fullt-ime mom and I have a bathing suit line as well as my modeling. I could never work a 9-5 again.



BM: If you had a agent, would you refer all assignments to them as in your agreement or do you feel you should take some work without informing them?

JR: Agents are supposed to find you work and take a percentage for finding it They’re not to get credit for what you find, but if you have a contract with a management company that’s different.



BM: How do you feel about magazines like Elle and Vogue, do you think that they should feature more curvaceous women?

JR: I like Elle and Vogue. I think it’s okay that they use thin women because they are beautiful, too. As long as we have  magazines featuring curvy women, who cares?



BM: How do you plan to change the game?

JR: I don’t plan on changing the game, but I plan on changing my own game. I want to be respected as a curvy model, a face model, and a print and fashion model, and I will!