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BlackMen Digital Interview: Dreamy Robinson

Thursday 17th, March 2011

BM: Why do you think you should be a BlackMen Magazine Model?

DR: Beautiful, passionate, and determined are just a few words used to describe me. Standing 5’3 and 34D- 24- 44, and yes, those are my measurements! I'm a triple threat with a curvaceous body and I’m a main attraction to men, women, young, and old! You now have the total package. A beautiful woman with brains, and I must not forget a natural born hustler!



BM: Did you market yourself to fans on

DR: Yes, I urge my fans via twitter and text vote and support not only me but as well, multiple times daily!



BM: Were you always this amazingly curvy?

DR: Throughout school I always had an athletic frame, but after I took a break from dance, I picked up a couple of pounds that went to all the right places!



BM: What disadvantages do you feel you have as an urban model?

DR: I feel that my only disadvantage as an urban model is my location. I currently reside in Nashville, TN, and in my opinion, this city lacks many of the incentives that are vital for a model to excel in this industry. Therefore in my case, traveling is a must and networking is always key.



BM: Do you think that having size 40 or more hips inhibits most models?

DR: In my case, having size 44” hips benefits me. With my height, I am too short and curvaceous for runway. Therefore it’s about taking what inhibits you in one place to a place where it is openly embraced and appreciated.



BM: Where do you train if you are acting?

DR: I graduated from a middle and high school where I studied theatre and dance. Unfortunately, I am currently not training for acting, but I would like to explore all aspects of this industry including videos, acting. I would like to grace the cover of many magazines so training is in my near future.



BM: Do you have a commercial head shot?

DR: Yes, I have a commercial headshot.



BM: Do you understand that without these things on your resume that your career if any, might be short?

DR: Yes, in this industry you have to be well-rounded and market yourself to different audiences in every way possible.



BM: Favorite drink?

DR: Washington Apple.



BM: Favorite food?

DR: My favorite food is Sushi.



BM: Mood Music?

DR: Lauryn Hill and the Neo Soul sound.



BM: Favorite vacation spot?

DR: Any place with a beach and sunny weather.



BM: Favorite place to be kissed?

DR: There’s nothing like kisses on the neck.



BM: Favorite body part on your man?

DR: His stomach.



BM: Favorite place to kiss him?

DR: There are to many to name.



BM: How often do you measure yourself?

DR: I measure myself weekly.



BM: Are you proud of your curves?

DR: I am very proud of my curves, and I hope you love them just as much as I do!



BM: What curvaceous celebrity do you identify as  a role model for success?

DR: I personally have respect for any celebrity who has successfully managed to focus on not only bringing sex appeal, but most of all class to the modeling industry.



BM: Have you invested money into your career?

DR: I am a firm believer in the fact that you must invest in your success. In life, you get what you pay for. Therefore, you can shoot with “around the way” photographers and remain unknown, or you can invest and shoot with an international photographer, whose photos of you will be acknowledged and respected.



BM: Do you or would you work a 9 to 5 until your career took off?

DR: I am currently a full time student, so as of now that’s my 9 to 5.



BM: If you had an agent, would you refer all assignments to them as in your agreement, or do you feel you should take some work without informing them?

DR: As a professional, nothing would be done without informing my agent.



BM: How do you feel about magazines like Elle and Vogue, do you think they should feature more curvaceous women?

DR: Because not every woman that reads those magazines is a size 2, not every woman that is featured in it should be a size 2.



BM: How do you plan to change the game?

DR: I would like to be so much more than a beautiful face and nice body in this industry. The more you educate yourself in the field you’re in, the less room there is for error, so I plan to learn every aspect of this industry, from the business aspect to being behind the camera. I am a “jack of all trades,” and my ultimate goal has always been to be successful in anything I pursue in life. I am never satisfied with mediocrity, only greatness, and I’m prepared to take the entertainment industry by storm at maximum speed…With that said, are you ready for Dreamy???