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BlackMen Digital Interview: Charm

Wednesday 23rd, March 2011

BM: Why should you be a BlackMenMagazine Model?

C: think I should be in Black Men’s magazine because I have my own unique look and I can relate to so many readers with my diverse background.


BM: Were you always so shapely?

C: Yes, I have always had a good shape, but I think the booty started coming when I was in high school. That’s when I started filling out. 


BM: What disadvantages do you feel you have as an urban model?

C: I think the disadvantage in urban modeling is you can easily get typecast as someone that you’re not. I prefer to focus on the positive parts of it.


BM: Do you think that having size 40 or more hips inhibits most models?

C: I think it can sometimes inhibit size 40-inch hips or more in mainstream society, but I feel if you push hard enough anything can happen. No one can hold you back except you.


BM: Favorite drink?

C: My favorite drink is coconut water; I’m completely addicted to this drink.


BM: Favorite food?

C: My favorite food is.... Hard to say.  I love food, especially sweets!


BM: Mood music?

C: Mood music for me would have to be anything Robin Thicke. I love his voice, it's so relaxing.


BM: Where’s your favorite place to be kissed?

C: My favorite place to be kissed would have to be my neck.


BM: Favorite body part on your man?

C: My favorite body part on a man is his smile. A nice smile always makes me melt.


BM: Favorite place to kiss him?

C: My favorite place to kiss him would have to be whatever spot he enjoys the most. 


BM: How often do you measure yourself?

C: I measure myself about once a month, sometimes more. I’ve gotta know what I’m working with.


BM: What curvaceous celebrity did you identify with as a role model for success?

C: The curvy star I look up to is Sofia Vergara. She’s extremely curvy and gorgeous. I admire how much success she’s had being so curvy.


BM: Have you invested money into your career?

C: I’ve definitely invested into my career. It’s very true you have to spend money to make money.


BM: Do you or would you work a 9 to 5 until your career took off?

C: Would I work a 9 to 5, of course, I’ve had a job since I was 14 and I’ve never been afraid of a little hard work.


BM: If you had an agent, would you refer all assignments to them as in your agreement, or do you feel you should take on some work without informing them?

C: I feel if I have an agent they should deal with my jobs and the other things regarding my career.


BM: How do you feel about magazines like Elle and Vogue, do you think they should feature more curvaceous women?

C: I feel like high fashion magazines should feature more curvy women. The images they portray are sometimes unrealistic and it encourages an unhealthy lifestyle. I see the beauty of women of all sizes.  We’re all beautiful in our own way.


BM: How do you plan to change the game?

C: I plan to change the game by turning my modeling career into so much more. I love being in the entertainment field dancing, singing, acting and modeling. I want to touch all areas, and hopefully I will be able to do that.