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BlackMen Digital 411: Althea Eaton

Wednesday 30th, April 2014

Name: Althea Eaton
Nickname: Thi Thi
Born/Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Raised: Greenburgh, NY
Zodiac: Aries

Bust: 32D
Waist: 27
Hips: 36
Dress: Small


Yes—I go by Althea Heart.


Dancer: Yes, professionally.


Training: Broadway Dance Center


Magazine: King, Smooth and now Black Men.


Video: Ashanti "Foolish," Ja Rule "I Cry" feat. Lil Mo, R. Kelly "Fiesta" feat. Jay Z, G Dep "Let’s Get It" feat. Diddy and Black Rob, Lil Jon "Snap Yo Fingers," Pharrell ''Angels," Jamie Foxx "Unpredictable" and
Cadillac Tah "I Got You Ma" feat. myself, as a singer, which received VIBE 2003 Hot New Singles Award.


Commercial/Ad: Toyota Camry "Car-Ture" (2010)


TV: "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" season 3


Print/Online: Spokeswoman/model for PZI Jeans.


Runway: Yes.


Do you host events?


In which cities?
Anywhere I'm requested.


Related Info:
How long have you known Benzino?
For a year now.


How did you guys meet?
Out one night in Atlanta. We caught eye contact and he introduced himself, then we would communicate back and forthvia Twitter until I put my pressure on and asked him what he wanna do about us.


Are you guys working together on music?
Yes—we have been in the studio working on his project and mine.


Love Interest? 
Zino Grigio. That's my man—we are together.


Who would be the most jealous in your relationship, especially if you become a major Pop star?
I would hope nobody. Jealousy is a negative energy and a disease. Any and everybody can win.





Facebook: Search “Althea Heart”


Who is your favorite #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)?
Janet Jackson.


Favorite Fitness Routine:
Stairmaster keeps the butt up, and I love bootcamp/zumba classes.


What area do you feel you need to exercise the most? 
My midsection, because I love to eat. I be having the munchies. I love food!


Diet: Good or Bad?
It's in the middle. I can eat! I do eat healthy, but will eat what I'm craving thinking nothing of it. Then go back to greens, fruits and drink water with lemons for the rest of the day.


What looks better, shots, transfers or implants?
It all depends on the person and how it looks. I'm blessed to be 100% natural.


If your butt disappeared, you would...
It wouldn't disappear. I get it from my momma, and she got it!


What’s your feeling on butt shots?
If that's what she feels will make her happy, I'm all for it—as long as it's safe and it's not overdone.

Finish statement:
“I like Black Men magazine because…”
It gives women of color a platform to promote their brand.


“I’d like to see Black Men magazine do or print more…”
Nothing at all. I think you guys do a great job, and I'm honored to be in this issue. Thank you!