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BlackMen Digital Interview: Tiffany Foxx

Wednesday 30th, April 2014

Tiffany Foxx
Goal Digging Vixen

By Mannie Pendexter


Life for an up-and-coming Hip-Hop artist is rough. Millions work relentlessly for years to catch a break. And even though social media has catapulted the careers of some, even that spark can quickly fizzle out. For St. Louis rapper, Tiffany Foxx, that struggle comes twofold, as she not only has to face similar obstacles as her male counterparts, but she also has to put in extra work in order to fight the many stereotypes female emcees face in an industry primarily populated and controlled by men. Black Men chatted with the “Twisted” rapper about the hurdles a woman in Hip-Hop has to leap over in order to gain recognition. She also discusses the inspiration she gets from her mentor and International Rock Star Records CEO, Lil’ Kim—who signed Foxx in 2012. Tiffany also offers tips for you fellas on how you can tame this spicy, voluptuous, sly vixen.


BM: Tell us about what you've got going on right now!
TF: Well, I’m currently working on my new mixtape scheduled to release on Valentine’s Day, getting all the visuals, music, artwork, etc. prepared for that, and working on other film situations that I can’t disclose currently. Just know that I’m working!


BM: As a woman in Hip-Hop, what do you think is the biggest obstacle for female emcees?
TF: Demanding your respect. Some of these females come in the game on their backs and make it hard for anyone to take us seriously. Females are catty, insecure, dick-driven—and it sucks for us females who compromise relationships, sacrifice, work hard and been through our fair share of rejection to still have to be stereotyped. And a lot of these females wake up one morning and decide to rap. Like, rap doesn’t know you! The streets don’t either. Where’s your struggle? Where’s your story? It’s annoying. But with God’s grace and mercy, I’m standing firm.


BM: Lil’ Kim owned her sexuality and incorporated it into her music and image. Has that inspired you at all and how so?
TF: Of course! I came up listening to her. She taught me that embracing my femininity and fashion was cool. My sound is called Street Couture. Whatever I rap about I’m going to incorporate fashion. I embrace being sexy too, but I’m definitely known for my bars, though.


BM: Balancing life and career can be a lot. Have you been able to make time for a man?
TF: No, I’m cool on they ass right now. [Laughs].


BM: If you're in a relationship, what are three keys to keeping it fresh and keeping your man excited?
TF: I change up my hair a lot, so he never knows who he’s getting. Very spontaneous with intimacy is key, and bringing something to the table besides your coochie and bad attitude helps as well.


BM: What's your number one turn-off and number one turn-on about a man?
TF: Number one turnoff is bitchassness! All that emotional, insecure BS will get you dismissed. Oh, and a guy who can’t take a joke or take himself too seriously is yuk. But, a confident man who knows how to tame me and overlook my temper tantrums is a keeper.


BM: After long workdays, what's an ideal thing a guy could do for you to help you unwind?
TF: Massage my feet, play in my hair or make my thick ass something to eat would be ideal! [Laughs].