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BlackMen Digital 411: Ashley Adore

Thursday 1st, May 2014

Name: Ashley Adore
Nickname: Ash
Hometown: Hartford, CT / Currently in NYC
Born: Hartford, CT
Raised: Hartford, CT
Zodiac: Leo


Bust: 36C
Waist: 27
Hips: 39
Dress: 3


Where do or have you bartended?
Starlet’s Gentlemen’s Club.


Favorite Drink?
Mai Tai.




Do you host events?


In which cities?
I am available to host in whichever cities that are interested in booking me. However, so far I have hosted in the Tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT).


Magazine: ShyGirl and GGurls.


Twitter: # Of Followers: 1600

Instagram: @AshleyAdore_ # Of Followers: 18K


Who is your favorite #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)?
There are so many beautiful women on our social networks. It's hard to choose just one [laughs].


Have you ever kissed a girl?
Yes, my first time was recently. It was definitely an experience [laughs].


Favorite Fitness Routine:
I like to go on long runs outside on bright, sunny, beautiful days.


What area do you feel you need to exercise the most?
My abs! They are so hard to get!


Diet: Good or Bad?


What looks better: shots, transfers or implants?

I would have to say transfers. It makes everything look more natural, which is the look I like best. 



If your butt disappeared, you would? 

Be exhausted from having to stand up all the time [laughs]!



What’s your feeling on butt shots?
To each their own. If getting butt shots is what makes a woman happy, then let her be happy.


Finish statement:
“I like Black Men magazine because…”
They show true beauty in women of all colors, shapes, and sizes in a classy way.


“I’d like to see Black Men magazine do or print more…”
Artistic pictures.


Favorite body part on your man: His Johnson [laughs].


Craziest position: Too complicated to explain [laughs].


Craziest place: It might sound cliché, but a moving elevator [laughs].


Ultimate Goals:
To become a well-known model and actress, and ultimately becoming a brand.


Game Plan:
Work hard, network, and never give up.


Marketing Tools:


Agency: TSD Agency