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BlackMen Digital 411: Ameera Milan

Tuesday 4th, November 2014

Name: Ameera Milan

Nickname:  Middle Eastern Mistress

Born/Raised:  Cleveland, OH

Zodiac: Virgo



Bust: 32 DD

Waist: 24

Hips:  40







Magazine: Mixed, AADimes, Thick, Ggurls,

Film: Girl on girl XXX movie with adult star, Sara Jay.


Cultures in Miami? 

Miami is just a huge melting pot. I've never seen every Hispanic culture in one place until moving here [laughs]. I learned a lot about different ethnicities from my years in Miami. I love trying different food, so that's probably the best part of Miami having so many cultures.


Do you attend Art Basel? 

I love Art Basel! I try to attend every year. Art is a beautiful way of expressing yourself.


Biggest event/shows/holidays in Miami? 

Unfortunately, holidays aren't much celebrated here in Miami. I think it's because the weather never changes [laughs]. It’s always hot and sunny, so you don't really feel the holiday seasons [laughs] as you would up north. Art Basel and WMC (Winter Music Fest) and ULTRA are the big events people plan for down here.


Best place to vacation in Florida? 

Best place to vacation in Florida is Miami, of course! Beautiful women, warm weather and a crazy never-ending nightlife. Second best would have to be Orlando for Disney World—I'm just a kid at heart [laughs].


How do you plan on actively networking with Black Men to build your presence in the market, share your network with the company and make your appearance in the magazine a mutually valuable moment and experience? 

Social media is such a big networking tool these days. I definitely can't wait to shoot more with the magazine and share snippets of my photos on Instagram and things of that sort. Marcus is a very well know person in the modeling industry and I'm sure attending events for the magazine will be great for me to meet people and give more people the chance to see me since I'm still a fresh face.



Twitter: @ameeramilanxxx

# of followers: 10k

Instagram: @officialameeramilan

# of followers:  It's kind of hard for me to keep an IG since the rulest are so strict. I've been flagged down and made about seven accounts so far [Laughs].


Methods to attract followers?

Honestly, I'm just myself. I'm an adult entertainer, so of course I'm always being sexy and sex will forever sell as long as it comes natural to a woman. People can tell when you're trying too hard or if it's just in you, I believe. I also always make sure I talk back to people on social networks. No matter how many followers I get that will never change. I love talking to my fans and supporters.



Wildest comment received?

[Laughs]. Seriously? I've gotten so many outrageously bizarre comments it's hard to say what's the wildest. I get all types of stuff—from people saying they would lick me head to toe sticky and sweaty, to the crazy requests of my hand-in-marriage [laughs]. People say all types of stuff online.