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Monday 29th, December 2014



About Her Business

By Emmanuel Ureña

Eight years ago, Detroit, Michigan native, Chandra Davis aka London Charles was introduced to the world as Deelishis during her time on Hip-Hop star Flavor Flav’s hit reality TV series “Flavor of Love 2” (VH1). Deelishis didn’t only win Flav’s heart by the end of the season, but also the hearts of the public. The Motown girl with the gargantuan cakes took her newfound celebrity status and banked on it, getting hit up for gigs in films, endorsement deals, and hosting events on a global scale.


Black Men sat down with the voluptuous delight to find out how she has been able to keep the checks flowing after all these years, to get the scoop on her current career affairs, and—as is customary with Black Men mag—we also spoke to Deelishis about sex. Oh, but only after she brought up the subject, though. We swear. Ms. Charles expounded on her crush on the Chocolate Droppa, Kevin Hart, and on the fact that she is strictly dickly—but she did admit, however, that there’s a female, daytime TV host out there that might make her reconsider.


Black Men: What is Deelishis up to now? Is she working a nine-to-five? Is she still grinding in the entertainment industry?

Deelishis: She’s not doing a nine-to-five. My nine-to-five is entertainment [laughs]. It’s not a nine-to-five; it’s a daily ongoing process. Normally, I’m home maybe three days out of the seven-day week. The other four days, I am on the road travelling, still hosting parties, making appearances, negotiating different deals and endorsements. I have an endorsement deal with a hairline company called Limelight Extensions. I also have an endorsement deal with a clothing line called Pink Lucy Boutique and it’s the London Charles line, and I still do my plays and also movies. The last film that I did was Kony Montana with Michael Blackson and Bruh Man from the fifth floor. So, no nine-to-five for me—I’d be fired in the first week for my absence [laughs].

How were you able to get those endorsement deals?

I’ve been able to build my brand up to a point where it is a great influence. Luckily for me I’ve been doing this now for seven-plus years and I’ve maintained relevance and style and grace and recognition. I’m still respected amongst my peers in entertainment as well as my fans. My company [Sweet Potato Casserole] gets a lot of calls for products for me to endorse. We just make sure that we’re strategic about the products that we get involved with.

How did the films come about?

Same way, popularity. No different from any other entertainer. If you look at the cycle—especially for urban actors and actresses—most of them came from a different genre; like Will Smith. He came from rapping, then he ended up on a sitcom, and then he ended up being one of the highest paid black actors out. And this year, Nicki Minaj, she has a film that’s coming out with Cameron Diaz [The Other Woman]. So, a lot of different stars get featured just based off our popularity, and if we’re good at the skill of acting, then we get asked back on other sets.

A lot of females enter the entertainment and modeling industry with a big bang, but soon their sparks fizzle out. How have you been able to maintain a steady workflow after all these years?

I have to attribute the majority of that success to being blessed. It’s just a favor of God. He decided when I became Deelishis that I was going to have some staying power. I don’t think that there is anything so awesome physically about me that someone else doesn’t have or couldn’t buy. I think I have a decent personality. I don’t just come with a nice figure and a cute face. I actually have intellect and I know how to deal with people. I try to teach some of the girls that are coming up now that it’s not just about how good you look, because girls turn 18 every day, and some of them look just as good or better. You have to have the right mentality. You have to be willing to educate yourself, because having a manager doesn’t cover the entire spectrum. You actually need to know the business that you’re getting into. And then, you also have to have good character—‘cause no one wants to work with a bitch.

 What are some definite don’ts that they should keep in mind while pursuing their careers?

Don’t sleep with the help [laughs], or don’t sleep with those who hired you in exchange for a job. If you’re good at what you do, then you’re going to get the job anyway, and you can still walk away with a clean slate. That’s one of the biggest things where girls make mistakes for magazine shoots and magazine covers, and for spots as extras in a video, not even as the lead. There are just a lot of exchanges with sex for jobs, and jobs that will not promise you a career. Yes, sex sells, but don’t sell yourself short. Another mistake is not educating yourself. Depending on the person that you have running your business to know all of your business and you not knowing any of it. I’ve seen this happen to girls—girls with promising futures who have left the power and the knowledge in the hands of a quote-unquote manager. When that manager and them fallout, the manager walks away holding the bag—the bag of money, the bag of ingredients, the bag of knowledge. And then, you’re just stuck being a pretty face that went on this run, but you have nothing to show for it. You no longer have a leg to stand on. You don’t know the next move to make because you didn’t educate yourself. Be your own boss first, and then hire someone who you think is capable of coming on to strictly delegate. Bring in different people to take up different positions, but never lose your own.

Any slips up on your end on your way up?

Yeah, I’m human. I’m sure I have. Let’s be more specific. Well, I got married. That was a slip up.

Are you saying that marriage is a mistake in this field?

No. When having a career in entertainment—a sexy position in entertainment such as modeling or acting—marriage isn’t a problem. You just have to marry the right person because if you’re married to the wrong person, then yeah, it’s a mess.

 Give me the good, the bad and the ugly of your industry.

The good is that it can be lucrative. The bad is… Whew! Take your pick. Bad is being ignorant. And, I don’t mean acting stupid. I mean ignorant like not knowing. And the ugly are the haters. They’re just ugly. They’re mad because they wake up ugly.

Do you ever get tempted to step back into the reality TV world?

Yes. I’m actually in conversations about that now. Yeah, I would definitely get back into reality TV. It’s the reason for my position in entertainment right now. It’s so funny, though, because back in 2006 when we did “Flavor Of Love” we were being shunned by so many who at that time were A-list celebrities. They didn’t pick on me per say, but just on the idea of reality TV was considered second-hand. It was like, “You didn’t have a script in front of you; you don’t have a SAG card. You’re not really an actress or entertainer or a celebrity.” Now there isn’t an A-, B-, C-, D-, E- or F-lister that would not sign on to do a reality show. So I feel good that we were part of the foundation that started this. I feel good being one of the pioneers and still being around. Reality TV is awesome! I totally get it. I respect it. And, I said it back then, that one day reality TV would take over, and it’s done just that.

 To wrap up, where online can our readers go to stay updated on your upcoming projects?

I am an Instagram fanatic! I am always on my Instagram page, which is @iamsodeelishis. Wait, I feel so shorted, though. We did not talk about sex at all.

 [Laughs.] Oh, word?

This is my first men’s magazine interview where I wasn’t asked about size or positions… [Laughs.] I’m kidding. I’m kidding. I’m good with that.

[Laughs.] We can talk about it now that you brought it up, though, if you want. Just to have it on record. Where’s the wildest place that it’s gone down?

In a funeral home.

In a funeral home! Whoa! This interview is about to run a bit longer. Please, give us the deets on the funeral home sexcapade.

[Laughs.] No, we just made out. We didn’t have sex.


We were going to view somebody, and then that ended up not being the right funeral home, so we laughed about it. Laughing became hugging, and hugging became kissing, and kissing became, “Oh, shit! We’re in a funeral home.” [Laughs.]

[Laughs.] That’s still a good story. Very, very funny! Let’s get more specific now, where’s the wildest place where you’ve actually had sex?

Oh, my goodness! The wildest place I’ve ever had sex was in a lane on top of a truck. I was down south, and I was… I was… Yeah…it was nice. I was on the hood of a Blazer. Back then Blazers were one of the top trucks, so hey… I was a top chick, and he was a bottom dude, and it was so good! It was steamy and it was stinky because in the south, that dirt is smelly. But it was all good because the sex was good.

Is that your favorite position, you on top?

Yeah, my favorite position is CEO, so that would be me on top. [Laughs.]

Who are you crushing on right now?

I have three celebrity crushes. One of them is Matt Kemp that plays for the [Los Angeles] Dodgers. Oh, my God! My other one is Aubrey Graham, better known as Drake. I’d like fucking him. And my last one is my family’s favorite, but my family better step off or I will cut them, Kevin Hart. Oh, my God! Let me tell you, I would kiss Matt, I would fuck Drake, but I would love Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart is so good to his kids and so good to his girlfriend. I met him several times. He’s always been the same person. He’s just an all-around good guy, and he just happens to be my type. I think he’s attractive, and his personality is good. In a world that’s so heavy with hatred and evil and ugly, someone like that to me will always keep you happy ‘cause he’s funny and a free spirit. I’m attracted to Kevin Hart. I like him and his girlfriend together, but if it doesn’t work out, Kevin Hart, you can change my last name. “London Hart” sounds good. I like it.

What about a same sex situation?

Uh-uh. No. I think women are beautiful, but I don’t want to ever sleep with a woman. But, I would kiss a girl. Oh, Ellen!

What was that? Ellen?

Yeah, I think I would kiss Ellen DeGeneres.

Okay, okay. Why Ellen DeGeneres?

Ellen is sexy to me as a woman. Ellen is flyer than some dudes to be honest with you. She’s got more swag than some men. She’s comfortable in her own skin. Yes! Ellen turns me on! Watch out Portia!