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Alexis Lugo

Monday 3rd, August 2015

Name: Alexis Lugo

Nickname: Lex

Hometown: Miami, FL

Born: Rochester, NY

Raised Hollywood, FL

Zodiac: Libra

Sizes: Small/ 2-4

Bust: 34C

Waist: 24

Hip: 36


Magazine: Smooth (Latina Edition) / Zaria / Vixen / / Ms. Hard

Body/ / Digital Girl


Twitter: @LexLugo

Instagram: AlexisLugo03



Drinks: An every day drink would be fresh brewed iced tea, but if we're talking

about a night out, it would be a toss up between Hennessy and Sprite or Patron on

the rocks. Depends on the vibe!

Food: I'm a big girl in a small girls body! I love to eat—that's my favorite pastime! I

love anything from the sea! I could eat only seafood all day every day.

Mood Music: Anything by Erykah Badu or Aaliyah!

Favorite car: I'm in love with the Lexus LFA!

Music Artist: I have so many favorites it would be wrong to pick just one. A lot of it

has to do with my mood.

Rap quote or Lyric: "Ain't no room for doubters or negative bitches, so I deaded all

the followers and got rid of the quitters.” – By the late, great Big Pun. That had to

have been one of the realist lines I heard that stuck with me at such a young age.

Old school or slow jam: I'm not much of a slow jam type of girl. I much rather

prefer some dope old school jams.

Favorite place to be kissed: It sounds weird but right in the center of my forehead,

but only if I have those feelings for you. It just melts my heart!

Favorite body part on your man: Eyes! They’re the windows to the soul. I love

eyes that look like they have a story to tell.

Craziest position: On the sink, bent over with one knee on the counter top!

Craziest place: One time, many moons ago, I found myself getting it in inside a 24-

hour laundromat at two a.m. [Laughs].

Favorite position to fall asleep in after sex: On my side of the bed! Stay on your

side, and I'll stay on mine [laughs]! I'm usually so hot and sweaty afterwards that I

need space to cool down!


Ultimate Goals: My ultimate goal is to own my own private investigation company.

Game Plan: To finish my internship and get certified with my C licenses for private

investigating; then, apply for my agency license! In the meantime, milk this

modeling game for all I can to get me further to where I need to be in life.