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Angel Brinks

Monday 3rd, August 2015

Angel Brinks

Fashion For All

By Kathy Iandoli

When Angel Brinks launched her clothing line in 2010, it was with every woman

in mind. That’s a bold move for the fickle fashion world, which resides on either small

figures or full figures, but never dabbles in both. Brinks came from the modeling world,

and felt design was a natural progression. “I kind of outgrew modeling,” she explains,

“and the transition was interesting, because when you work in the entertainment business

you see what is desired and what is needed and what materials work best. For me, I got to

see firsthand what was lacking in the industry.” What Brinks learned at the time was that

bodysuits and leggings only served a specific casual function. Meanwhile, the everyday

woman would enjoy higher-end leggings made from sexier fabrics if given that

opportunity. Angel provided it.

Once she began creating her own custom-made outfits, her body was the

promotional vehicle. “It became the true definition of modeling, because everywhere I

went, people wanted what I had on,” Brinks recalls. Now, her outfits are tailor-made for

women’s varied bodies. From smaller on top, bigger on bottom, and vice versa, every

female form is welcome to slip into her threads that take each individual roughly an hour-

and-a-half to make. Celebrities like Trina are big supporters of Angel Brinks’ fashion,

and that will only continue to grow. Brinks finds inspiration in designs from many places,

like curtains, paints, and any other situations where art is present. “I make all of my

designs from scratch,” Angel says. “They all come from me, and you’ll never find them

anywhere else, unless they’re an imitation.”