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Runa Lucienne

Tuesday 4th, August 2015

Name: Runa Lucienne

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Born: Washington, DC

Zodiac: Leo


Bust: 34D

Waist: 25

Hip: 38


Magazine: King Magazine, Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Slam Magazine,

Jamrock Magazine and Jewel Magazine.

Video: “Don’t Judge Me” by Chris Brown, “Fallin’ in Love” by Taio Cruz, “Hood Love”

by Mary J. Blige feat. Trey Songz and many others.

Commercial/Ad: Petco’s Pet Adoption Awareness commercial [national, currently


Film: I Am Legend (2007), Voyage of Time (2013), Knight of Cups (2013)

TV: “Project Runway” Season 5, “How I Met Your Mother,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Hot in

Cleveland,” “Hart of Dixie,” and many others.

Runway: Multiple New York and LA Fashion Week shows

Reality: “Project Runway” Season 5

Do you host events?

Yes, I make numerous appearances at DUB Auto Shows and other events as a

Monster Energy Girl.

Do you think you can single handedly cause a ripple in sales or attendance?


Yes, there’s always a never-ending line for autographs at the Monster events, which

creates buzz and gives people exciting stories and photos to share.


Twitter: @RunaLucienne

# Followers: 48,015

Instagram: @RunaLucienne

# Followers: 15,170


Finding your elders on social networks is…

Cool! My dad is from Guyana and has relatives scattered around the world—some of

which I’ve never met—so it's nice for us to be connected via Facebook.

How many fake pages?

I don't know an exact number, but there was one Facebook page created during the

peak of the Olympics buzz. They figured out I was friends with a couple of the guys

from the US Swim Team, used my name, stole all of my photos, then contacted one of

the guys. It was so embarrassing!

How do you reply to haters?

I usually don't. I try to remain positive. I believe haters are a byproduct of success.

So it's nice to know I'm on the right track.

If you see a guy's page you like you...

Skim through their page to get an idea of their reading level [laughs]. Yes, I'm

attracted to good looks, but intelligence is more important.


Have you ever had a lace front?

Yes! When lace fronts first hit the consumer market back in 2009. I participated in

the Miss New York USA 2010 pageant and I wanted to make sure I spent my two

hours of preparation time wisely, so lace fronts were the perfect solution since the

hair was already done and ready to go. It was my first pageant ever, and I got runner


Have you ever in your life rocked individual braids?

Ha! Yes, between kindergarten and third grade, but never again.

What are your feelings on butt shots?

I am an advocate of women minimally enhancing their bodies, but only if it's done to

boost confidence, within the realms of normal, and not solely to entice men.

Finish statement

Chicks be like…

"I travel.” Where you been? “Denver.”

Dudes be like…

"I got whips on whips on whips." What kind? “2000 Maxima and '98 Land Cruiser.”

You think you have a sense of humor?

Yes, until my jokes get out and people start beefing with me on Twitter.

If so, how sexy is the editor of Black Men?

[Laughs]. Wait. Is that the joke [laughs]?

Why should we venture to Beverly Hills for the best dining in California?

I don't know. Why should you? I have my two favorite restaurants: Madeo and

Crustaceans—both family-operated. I'm not the biggest fan of LA food. In the

Midwest people take pride in the food they prepare. In LA restaurant kitchens are a

bunch of “aspiring actors” who just need to make a few bucks for headshots—not to

knock their hustle, but food isn't their passion.

Tell us about your work with Playboy.

Back in 2010, I received an offer to move to Macao, China to work at the soon-to-

open Playboy Club as a Playboy Bunny. Given my love of traveling, I accepted the

offer without hesitation. Not only was I part of the original 14 women to be selected

out of thousands of applicants from around the world, I was the first and only

African-American woman, which I was honored by. While working as a Playboy

Bunny, I made appearances on behalf of Playboy including an interview on Playboy



Drinks: Monster Energy's Rehab in Rojo

Food: Seafood and soul food—I'm talkin’ ‘bout “white bread in barbeque sauce,

baked mac-n-cheese, yams with marshmallows on top” soul food.

Mood Music: Ratchet mood? 2 Chainzzzz!

Favorite Gossip Site:

Favorite car: Maserati GranCabrio

Music Artist: It depends on my mood, then, it depends on Pandora. I enjoy most Hip-

Hop, Rap, R&B, pop, and top 40.

Rap quote or Lyric: “I talk to myself, because I am my own consultant” – Lil Wayne.

I’m very hands-on with my career and I’m usually giving myself advice.

Old school or slow jam: “All My Life” by KC & JoJo

Favorite place to be kissed: My lips and cheeks, because I’m really ticklish and kisses

on my ears and neck will get you kicked [laughs].

Favorite body part on your man: Smile. A man has to have nice teeth to talk to me. I

feel like a person’s mouth reflects their overall hygiene—which is extremely

important to me.

Tell us about your calendar.

My 2013 calendar is the first calendar featuring only me. It’s beautiful, but most

importantly reflects my personal style. I’m pretty meticulous about the products I

associate my brand with, and that didn’t end with my calendar. Not only was I the

creative director, but I was also the stylist, makeup artist, location scout, caterer,

and I coordinated everything and everyone. It was a lot of work, but I’m glad it’s

finally printed and available for purchase on my website.

What can we expect to see in the calendar?

I shot my bikini and lingerie calendar at a multi-million dollar house, which was the

perfect location for the calendar because of its warm, elegant, and grandeur appeal.

So in all of the photos I have glamorous hair, makeup, wardrobe, and amazing


How can we preview and purchase it?

On my official website,


Ultimate Goals

My ultimate goals include being a role model for young women, helping the

community, and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle without regret.

Game Plan: I plan to continue to network, market, conduct market research and

analysis, and build my brand even further.

Accomplishment: Being featured in Black Men Magazine.

Marketing Tools

Web Site:

E Mail: