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Tanyka Renee

Tuesday 4th, August 2015

Name: Tanyka Renee

Hometown: New Britain, CT

Zodiac: Capricorn


Training: I’ve attended Central Connecticut Stare University, New York Open Center

and NYU, marketing and holistic nutrition.

Magazine: King, Maxim, Playboy, The Source, Uptown and Essence, just to name a few.

I'm also a health and fitness writer whose work has been featured on various blogs

and on Jones and Sister 2 Sister Magazine.

Video: Trey Songz – “Hail Mary”

TV: I’ve been on “ The Howard Stern,” “Rachael Ray Show,” “Are We There Yet?” and

“National Geographic Brain Games.” However, these days I'm a working model, and

actress, so the list goes on and on.

Runway: I’ve walked on various runways for NY Fashion Week—that was back in

my high fashion, super skinny days.

Do you host events?


Do you think you can single handedly cause a ripple in sales or attendance?

I don't know, but all I know is that when I come out, I come to party. I want everyone

to feel comfortable and to have a good time.

Tell us about you career with LFL (Lingerie Football).

I've been playing for three years in the LFL. We play full-tackle football in boy shorts

and sports bras. This will be my fourth year and I'll be playing in Atlanta for the

Atlanta Steam. I eat, breathe and sleep football. During my off-season, I play in the

Nike Football Society.

We hear that Stevie J is managing your team, and that it is all being filmed for

“Love and Hip Hop: ATL.”

Well, actually he is managing three of my teammates and I. We will actually be

staying with him down in ATL while we train for our upcoming season.


Twitter: @jockintanyka

Instagram: @jockintanyka


Finding your elders on social networks is…

My elders love me and I love them. I'm usually not embarrassed when I find them on

social media sites.

How many fake pages?

There are two fake Twitter accounts of me out there.

How do you reply to haters?

Reply? I don't see my haters. A hater is someone who wants to do what you’re doing

but can't. So if you’re a hater, then you’re obviously not on my level.

If you see a guy's page you like you...

I like all of his pictures on Instagram. [Laughs]. Not really, but really.


Have you ever had a lace front?


Have you ever in your life rocked individual braids?

Damn! All up in my business [laughs]. I have rocked it all. I'm an athlete, so the

weave allows me to maintain my hair. I have natural curly hair that's down my back

and when I'm in season I can't keep up with it.

What are your feelings on butt shots?

They are super dangerous and people are dying from them. Why try to kill yourself

to get your butt big when you can just grab my book? The Complete to a Sexier

Backside will tell you all the in and outs about creating a better booty by using what

you have. Check my website for more details.

Finish statement


Chicks be like…

“Gucci. Fendi. Prada.” But won't spend any money to eat healthy or invest in


Dudes be like…

“Money. Cars. Hoes.” But won't go see a doctor or take care of themselves.

You think you have a sense of humor? 


If so, how sexy is the editor of Black Men?

He’s alright [laughs].

Ultimate Goals

Game Plan: When I do something, I do it big. My passion is to give back by educating

on health and fitness. I want to create an empire. I just plan on achieving more and

more every day. Continuously accomplish my goals and try to be a better person

than I was yesterday.

Accomplishment: So far, I am working as a holistic nutritionist in the NY and ATL

areas, and I just dropped my book The Complete Guide to a Sexier Backside.