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Tuesday 4th, August 2015

Name: Jennifer

Nickname: Frenchy / Jenn

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Born/Raised: Paris, France and Guadeloupe, F.W.I.

Zodiac: Capricorn


Bust: 34

Waist: 26

Hip: 38


Magazine: Heart and Soul, Rolling Out, Black Men, J'Adore, Kontrol, Jet, Upscale,

Sophisticate’s Black Hair magazine, and some others.

Video: Mint Condition – “Believe In Us," Lloyd and Young Jeezy – “Be The One," Big

Boi – “Shutterbug," The Dream – “Love King" and Musiq Soulchild – “Silky Soul."

Commercial/Ad: Crème of Nature, Seagram’s Gin 2012 calendar cover model and

Design Essential.

Runway: Akoo, PZI Jeans

Do you host events?


In which cities have you hosted?

Anywhere I can be flown to.


Twitter: @frenchkiss4you

# Of followers: 1250

Instagram: @frenchkiss4you

# Of followers: 850

Facebook: Search “Jenn Gwada”

Model Mayhem:

Finding your elders on social networks is…

Why are they trying to keep up with the youngsters? Act your age and stay away

from drama.

How do you reply to online haters?

With a big smile and I wish them to be a little more patient because I have so much

more for them to be mad at.

If you see a guy's page you like you…

Look at it and comment on what I like.


Is there an advantage to having a nice derrière?

It does help at times to get what I want.


Attract the wrong type.

Would you rather have a great face and no butt or vice versa?

Tough one. I would have to say a pretty face because it can be hard to find. A butt

can be made either at the gym or under the knife.

If your butt disappeared, you would…

Make it reappear with some squats.

Your feelings on butt shots?

I've seen some amazing ones just like I've seen some disgusting ones. Either way, I

wouldn't try it myself. I wouldn't like to be the grandma everybody stares at

because my ass is gigantic.


Favorite body part on your man: Lower stomach/abs.

Craziest position: No comment.

Craziest place: Elevator.

Ultimate Goals

Game Plan: I want to own a successful business and be a role model to others.

Accomplishment: I came to a foreign country without knowing anybody and without

speaking English fluently and graduated with a bachelor's degree in marketing and


Marketing Tools

Agency: HD the agency           

Contact: Jay Glover – (678) 428-0675

Web Site: /