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Claudia Jordan

Tuesday 4th, August 2015

Claudia Jordan

Reality’s Reader

Article by Dove Clark

From pageant princess to radio host and reality television star, Claudia Jordan has lived much of her life

in the spotlight. The Rhode Island-born beauty is currently enjoying success on the nationally syndicated

Rickey Smiley Morning Show, and recently wrapped her first season on Bravo TV’s “Real Housewives of


Aside from her work, another factor that has kept Jordan in the public eye, ironically, has been her private

life. Gossip and rumors have swirled around the sharp-witted actress, but to let her tell it, the juiciest of

the juice is likely the most unreliable information.

So, what makes a go-getter like Claudia Jordan tick? You’d think that the fame monster could have

overtaken her, but she’s far more levelheaded than you might expect. Black Men spoke with the

unintentional diva to find out about her life’s work and much more.

Black Men: What would you say has been your favorite aspect of your career so far?

Claudia Jordan: Just having a lot of variety and trying different things. I started off as a model in

pageants, and I didn’t think I’d end up on the radio or whatever. Being open to other opportunities has

led me to where I am now, and I really like to try a little bit of everything to make sure I’m covering all of

my bases.

Has being on the radio given you more empathy on how you report on other celebrities? How has

your own experience affected the way you do that job?

Absolutely. I sometimes find myself defending celebrities, because I can’t stress enough that things are

not always what they seem. You take a picture of two people that run into each other on the red carpet at

a certain angle, it looks like they’re kind of boo’d up or they’re kind of having an intimate moment and

you can basically place any caption under a picture and make the story what you want it to be. I’ve

definitely found myself the victim of that, and you’ve got all these ridiculous liaisons with these people

you may have just been meeting in passing.

At the end of the day, celebs have real lives, and real people they deal with and family members and

relationships. When you have a lot of cameras on you and are constantly being photographed, they’re

gonna catch you in a moment where it may look like it’s more than what it is, and a lot of the times it’s


How do you deal with rumors that get out there about you, whether they’re true or not? How do

you keep the peace within yourself?

It’s funny...  I’ve actually dated people in my real life that would have been newsworthy, but I’ve been

really private with it. But the ones they put me with are not the people I’ve dated, and it’s like they’d have

a way more interesting story if they put the truth instead of someone they see me at an event with. We

kind of laugh at it sometimes like, “Wow, if they’d only knew what we knew. The real deal.”

I think because I’ve been so private, it makes people more likely to jump the gun like, “That must be who

she’s with!” I mean I went and got married without anyone knowing, so I know how to keep a

relationship private. When I was younger I wanted to put everything on MySpace and stake my claim, and

I’ve learned from one relationship that once you start doing that, you open yourself up to everyone’s

opinion - and if it’s someone a lot of women are crushing on, your relationship will be destroyed.

Not everyone is strong enough to go through that and deal with the nonsense, and social media has been

really terrible for a lot of relationships.  The traits that I seek in a mate are people who are like very kind

of independently thinking, not influenced by that, and they’re all man. Like all that stuff doesn’t really

affect them. That’s hard to find now, but it’s definitely out there.

How did getting on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” affect your life in terms of your privacy?

When I got on Housewives, it’s just amazing how different people can interpret scenes to be different

things to them, depending on who their favorite is on the show. You get into it with someone they like,

they hate you and they go for the jugular. It’s not just, “Hey Claudia, I don’t like that scene you did with

such and such.” It’s, “I hate you. I hope you die. I hope your mom gets hit by a car and your ass gets

kidnapped!” They go so hard. People are very emotional and involved and invested in reality shows, and

it’s amazing—and also, when they love you, they ride so hard for you. You’ve got to take it for what it is

and with a grain of salt.

Have you embraced the fact that people love your snappy, witty sense of “reading”?

I have, but people that know me know that’s just how I am. I really am a fighter of what’s right, and if I see

someone else getting disrespected on my time if I’m around, I kind of feel like a champion of justice. I

know that sounds kind of funny, but when I saw how wrong Demetria was being treated and how mean

the girls were being to her, I kind of felt like I had to say something. It really wasn’t much about me, but I

can’t sit there and watch someone get bullied right in front of me and just let it ride.

People thought that was such a read, but I was on the Foxxhole for four years with Jamie Foxx and that

was mild compared to some of the stuff we would do on that show. When you do a radio show with

comedic geniuses such as Jamie Foxx, you’ve got to come with you’re A-game every single Friday. When

people are like “Oh my God you read the hell out of such and such...” or whatever I’m like, “Oh, okay. I felt

I was just getting things off my chest.”

What are some goals for you within the next year?

Well, I’m working on a fitness apparel line. I’m gonna work on a skin care line. I have two films I did, one

that is called The Hills and one is called Love Is Not Enough. I’ve gotten offers for three more. I’m shooting

one in two weeks.

It’s funny because that was something that was said to me in Puerto Rico [on RHOA] that Hollywood

wasn’t checking for me. Hollywood started to check for me a whole lot lately. It’s kind of been poetic

justice in some kind of way. I feel like if you stay humble, stay the course, and focus on what you should

be doing, the right things that are supposed to be for you will come to you. I’m really excited about that.

There’s a travel show I wanted to do, and I have a producer that’s been talking to me about that. There

are so many things on the table. Right now, it’s a matter of finding the time to do everything. I’m so very

grateful and blessed right now.