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Aleea Lee

Tuesday 4th, August 2015

Name: Aleea Lee

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Zodiac: Leo

Bust: 36C

Waist: 25

Hip: 41


Training: Public speaking, crowd entertaining and runway walking.

Magazine: Black Men (Best of Black Men issue), Elm magazine (cover), Hips on Deck

magazine, Buffalo 716 magazine (cover)

Video: Nicki Minaj feat. Sean Kingston -- "Duty Wine" / YC feat. Nelly, B.o.B, Trae the

Truth, Yo Gotti, CyHi Da Prince, Dose and Ace Hood -- "Racks (remix)" / Drake -- "5

AM in Toronto"

Ad: Felony Fashions billboard located in Buffalo, NY

Runway: NYC Fashion week 2010, Buffalo Fashion Week 2010 and 2011

Do you host events?

Yes! All cities.


Twitter: @aleeaclee

# Followers 2k

Instagram: @aleeaclee

# Followers 2k followers

Facebook: Search “Aleea Lee”

At your level in modeling, what is the standard annual income you believe

yourself and the others like you bring in?

I am just now getting into modeling full-time. It was a hobby before because I was

attending college; but now I graduated, so hopefully with my skills combined with my

degree, I'll make a lot.

What's your side hustle?


Has sex ever played a part in your career?

No. I keep things professional in my work life at all times.

Do you believe reality TV guarantees a successful modeling career?

I think that if you have a great team behind you, and you use reality TV to the highest

advantage, it can definitely put a model in a position to become very successful. But,

that person has to have the right people behind them that know what they are doing.

Where do you believe this pursuit of modeling is going to lead you?

Modeling is going to open up many doors for me, and I see myself branching off into a

variety of different things. I will continue to travel the world and meet great people.

Hetero, Bi or Lesbian?


Why and why not?

I love gay people. I'll go to gay clubs and dance all night. I'm attracted to women, but I

would not date them. I like men.

Favorite body part on your man: Body Part - chest

Ultimate Goals

Game Plan: My ultimate goal is to travel the world and take care of my loved ones. I

really don't have a game plan, I have my college degree for back-up. I'm young. I am

going to take life as it is.

Marketing Tools

Agency: TSD Agency


Fan sites: Fans can visit my blog,, or email me personally