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Ashley Monroe

Tuesday 4th, August 2015

Name: Ashley Monroe

Hometown: Houston, TX

Born: Honolulu, HA

Raised: Lake Charles, LA

Zodiac: Sagittarius


Bust: 32DD

Waist: 25

Hip: 41


Magazine: Show magazine (BL issue 18)

Video: Lil Wayne – “Love Me”

Do you host events?



Twitter: @ms_prettylady

Instagram: @Ashleymonroe_ag

At your level in modeling, what is the standard annual income you believe

yourself and the others like you bring in?

I'm new to modeling, so with that being said, you can make a grand or two a month.

What's your side hustle?

I do VIP bottle service. Also, I just signed an endorsement deal with a wine

company—Cho-co-late Wine. Look for it! And, I'm working on my own website.

Has sex ever played a part in your career?


Do you believe reality TV guarantees a successful modeling career?

Not for everyone.

Where do you believe this pursuit of modeling is going to lead you?

To major things! It's only been a couple of months and I've been introduced to

acting, and as I've said, I have a wine endorsement.

Hetero, Bi or Lesbian?


Why and why not?

That's just my preference [laughs].

Favorite body part on your man: His lips.

Craziest position: I have a couple.

Craziest place: At the playground.

Ultimate Goals

Game Plan: I want to build a major brand. I will stay focused and work hard.

Marketing Tools