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Ana Baby

Tuesday 4th, August 2015

Ana Baby

Only Female In Her Crew

By Kathy Iandoli

Ana Baby’s name just started bubbling recently, as the femme fatale became the First

Lady of French Montana’s burgeoning Coke Boys empire. But as the Bronx native will

tell you, it’s a lot of work. Ana worked two jobs simultaneously – one as a mailroom

clerk at a talent agency, the other in administration for an energy source company —

before meeting her manager and linking with French Montana and his crew. Now her

full-time hustle is making music, and she checks in with Black Men to discuss it all.

Black Men: Why do they call you the “evil queen”?

Ana Baby: Seeing the movie The Evil Queen, that inspired me, and also I felt like it was

a good contrast between good and evil, or just strength and softness. I think of being a

queen as something royal, something regal, something feminine, something powerful.

Then, you know, I consider myself the baddest out there. So if I'ma be bad, I'ma be the

worst! I want the truth to come from me. I'm as real as they come.

How did you first meet your manager, Bang?

The funny story is, I met him on the street! I just saw a group of guys, and I liked their

swag and I liked the way they were conducting themselves. I wasn't really too familiar

with who the Coke Boys were. I started rapping right there and letting them listen to

some of my music because I had a demo. Bang was like, “I like what you're doing. Give

us some time, we're working with French right now.” I'm like, “Who's French?” They're

like, “There's this guy coming out...” I'm like, “Okay! I don't have nothing but time and

patience. I'm willing to rock out with you guys!” As they were working with French, they

were slowly giving me artist development, just supervising me and nurturing me at the

same time. I would go to the studio with French and see what he's doing and stuff like

that. So, absorbing everything and watching them and running around with them,

eventually it became a family. Those are my big brothers now. They show me the life!

What have you learned from French Montana?

I think overall I learned that you can play hard, but you gotta work harder. There's always

time to make it look effortless, and you want to have fun and you want to live the life. If

you're here, you want to live it to the fullest. At the same time, your work ethic has to be

impeccable and you have to be committed to the goal and stick to it and keep grinding.

French is a grinder. All the Coke Boys are grinders! They make sure they get, not only

the goal they want, but the best. That was something they instilled in me. Just being

around and watching how they put music together—they're very musical individuals. Not

to sound biased, but I really think the Coke Boys got the best music out right now.

What are the pros and cons of being one of the only girls in Coke Boys?

The con is that I'm a girl. That's always going to be a con. It's a hard grind. It's not easy,

it's still the same stereotypes that are going on for females out here. It's gonna be that way

I guess until the end of time. The story doesn't change. However, the pros about is the

fact that I am a girl – it automatically makes me stand out. It's a double-edged sword. The

fact that I'm a girl and running with a whole bunch of dudes, it's teaching me how to keep

up. At the end of the day when you put me up against other females, you're going to see,

“Oh Ana, she has a different swag about her!” I'm always hanging out with the boys, I'm

always going to stand out when it comes to the girls. I'm not here trying to go up against

other females. I'm like, “Who's the top? Period.” If the top is a dude, I gotta be ready to

go against him. Do I want to go against anybody? Not really. I would like to play along

with everybody, but that's not life. That's not realistic, so I got to be ready to show my

best defense. I'm going to see who's the best person out there that's doing it, and I want to

work with them and learn from them. That happens to be French, who's giving me the

chance to make it happen.

What can we expect from you in 2015?

In 2015, you can expect a lot more music. I'm dropping my second mixtape and recording

my third one right now. I'm putting out more videos. I'm working with a movie director at

this time, he's got an HBO series out. I'm meeting a lot of people and getting a lot of

merchandise and franchises and doing whatever I can do to get into everything. Even if

I'm the rookie, I'm going to work it until I can’t work it no more.