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Alexus Lashawn Bradley

Friday 23rd, October 2015


Name: Alexus Lashawn Bradley

Nickname: Lex; Keys2Alexus

Hometown: Westside of Detroit, MI

Zodiac: Aquarius


Bust: 36

Waist: 26

Hip: 38



Twitter: @_Key2alexus

# Of Followers: 500

Instagram: @Key2Alexus

# Of Followers: 20k


Favorite food/Restaurant: Seafood/Ocean Prime

Favorite drink: Jägerbomb


This being our second time, how do you feel about Black Men magazine dedicating an issue to browner skinned models?

I'm actually excited about this issue. There's nothing like black beautiful women.


Do you think darker skinned models are booked less? Why?

Yes, I do think darker skinned models are booked less because a lot of photographers are into the mixed/light skin look.


Describe your type of man.

Smart, tall and handsome. He has to have nice teeth and lips.


Name 5 things a man should never say to you.

“No." “Why are you so tall?” “Did you cum?” "I don't care." “Why am I single?”


Girls night—you and your girls sip wine and the subject most commonly discussed is...

What's next? The next move. What we want to do next. Goals.


Besides Kerry Washington, Michele Obama and Jennifer Hudson, name five famous, beautiful dark skinned women.

Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston and Halle Berry.


Tell people what you feel when you hear: "You’re pretty for a dark skinned girl."

Um, that can go so many ways. But, personally, I don't think too hard about it. We all are beautiful in our own ways.


Tell us something amazing about you that we wouldn't know besides seeing how beautiful you are to us.

Besides being beautiful, I am a very ambitious young woman focused on success. I am also an entrepreneur with an extraordinary vision. I'm creating my own line of swimwear called Luxeswimwear, and I am excited to see the growth, and how far I can drive myself.


Give an encouraging word to fellow darker skinned models looking to make a career in this business.

Being beautiful in today’s society is just simply not enough. You have to be driven and dedicated to being successful. Black women are the most successful women, and with that being said, you have to have goals that you try and exceed daily. Stay focused, and good luck!