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Friday 23rd, October 2015

Name: Carmenella

Nickname: Carmen

Hometown: Southport, NC

Zodiac: Aries

Sizes: Small/Medium

Bust: 34B

Waist: 29

Hip: 40



Official Web/Fansite: (Launching in Summer 2015)

Instagram: @Carmenellas_World

# Of Followers: 14.1k


GGurls, Straight Stuntin #34, 2014 Paper Dolls, Dynasty Series “Freshmen Class”
Runway: 2012 N.C. Fashion Shows, 2013 N.C. Hair Shows
TV: “One Tree Hill” and “Bolden”
Advertisement: Hair Model Boogie Hair in Houston T.X


Favorite food/Restaurant: Anything with pasta, and Cheesecake Factory.

Favorite drink: I absolutely love Piña Colada with mangos.


This being our second time, how do you feel about Black Men magazine dedicating an issue to browner skinned models?
Excited! It gives us black women a major opportunity to stand out and let our light shine.


Do you think darker skinned models are booked less? Why?

Yes. I still have been trying to figure out the reason, though. I know every project is looking for something different nowadays. Black is beautiful. People need to see that we need more magazines to dedicate to the Black culture and to the Black woman.


Describe your type of man.
Good hygiene—that's a must… Someone handsome and tall, with a good build and is down to earth, and can cook a good meal for me. He also must be respectable and always humble.


Name five things a man should never say to you.

Call me out of my name for one. I know how to compromise, but never try to just tell me what to do. “Can I get that number?” I hate that line. “You’re so fine! You need to have my baby.” And, “You’re pretty for a dark skinned girl.”


Tell people what you feel when you hear: "You’re pretty for a dark skinned girl."

I hate that they have to use my skin color in the same sentence! Just tell me that I'm pretty or beautiful.


Girls night—you and your girls sip wine and the subject most commonly discussed is...

Our men, always. [Laughs.]


Besides Kerry Washington, Michele Obama and Jennifer Hudson, name five famous, beautiful dark skinned women.
Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, Whoopi Goldberg, Queen Latifah and, last but not least, Gabrielle Union.


Tell us something amazing about you that we wouldn't know besides seeing how beautiful you are to us.

I am a strong, black woman. Also, I’m an activist for our black culture. I am a Down South woman who loves to cook Southern style meals. I feel that my cooking is a way to feed the soul.

Give an encouraging word to fellow dark skinned models looking to make a career in this business. Always keep your faith. Work hard. There is a lot of competition. Stay focused on yourself—never look to what the next person is doing, and that will set you apart from the rest.