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Friday 23rd, October 2015

Name: Nichelle

Nickname: Mookie

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Zodiac: Cancer


Bust: 36

Waist: 27

Hip: 43



Official Web/Fansite:

Twitter: @_nichelled

# Of Followers: 16k and counting

Instagram: @MsNichelleD

# Of Followers: 30k and counting



Magazine: SHOW (Cover), Black Lingerie by SHOW (Cover), Straight Stuntin, Wheels, Girls of Lowrider Magazine, XXL Web Candy, King Web Girl

TV: Wale ft J. Cole – “Bad Girls Club”/ Day 26 – “So Good” / Roscoe Dash – “The Impossible” / Dizzy Wright – “The Perspective” / Kid Ink – “LA LA LA” / Ne-Yo – “Champagne Life” / Nick Cannon's “The Dummiez” / Day 26 – “Girlfriend” / Travis Porter – “Bring It Back” / Wiz Khalifa feat. Too-Short – “On My Level" / Wiz Khalifa – “Black & Yellow Remix” / Russell Brand – “Just Say Yes” / E40 feat. Snoop Dogg –  "Can’t Stop A Boss" / Eros Ramazzotti – “PARLA CON ME/Talk To Me” / “Lincoln Heights” - Trey Songz DJ / Snoop Dogg & Tha Dogg Pound – “Boss Life Skit”

Advertisement: Visa Industrial, Caribbean Reggae Party CD, Mercedes Benz Industrial, Bank of America Industrial, Price Tag clothing store advertisement


Favorite food/Restaurant: BBQ / Del Frisco’s

Favorite drink: Water


This being our second time, how do you feel about Black Men magazine dedicating an issue to browner skinned models?

First of all, thank you! I absolutely love it. It angers me when I notice how magazines dedicate issues to just Latinas, Asians or Caucasian girls on the regular, but refuse to dedicate regular issues to just women of color. Also, if they decide to dedicate them to women of color, it’s never the women who have a browner skin tone. Like, are we not sexy? Do you think people wouldn’t pick up the issue? I believe women in general are beautiful no matter what! I love that fact that Black Men Magazine isn’t afraid to showcase our beauty and don’t believe the myth that an issue wouldn’t sell with all browner skin models. 


Do you think darker skinned models are booked less? Why?

I think we are booked less to an extent. When it comes to the general market, which is the commercial market and glamour market, we are. When you see a commercial or print advertisement, you typically see light skin with green eyes and blonde hair. When a model of a darker skin tone is requested, they often book girls who are a bit darker, but still on the lighter skin tone side, and assume that this would pass and the general public wouldn’t notice. I believe people still have the notion that Black women are the least desired race, and it’s nowhere near true. When they choose someone to represent us to the general public, it’s either a lighter Black woman or an unattractive Black woman to keep this notion going. I feel as if people want to make us feel as if we aren’t just as beautiful when we are. We generally have beautiful even toned skin, we usually do not develop acne or skin cancer, we look good in pretty much any color; and the list goes on. 


Describe your type of man.

My type of man is ambitious. I love men who go after what they want in life, even if it’s out of reach. Goals are very attractive to me. He respects women, especially the women in his life, and he understands the role of a man as well as the roll of his woman. I love confidence!


Name five things a man should never say to you.

1. “You are pretty for a dark skin girl.”

2. “You’re a model, I can’t take you serious.”

3. “You have men chasing you.”

4. “I’m just chilling and doing me,”

5. “You have to be mixed because you’re a pretty dark skin girl.”


Girls night—you and your girls sip wine and the subject most commonly discussed is… 

Always men! Exes, current men, men we want, and men who do/don’t have a chance. We are usually discussing the crazy things men say and do. Someone always has a real nice body and looks good when it’s girl’s night. We discuss finance and goals just as much, but men are a bit more interesting to us when we’ve had a glass of wine.


Besides Kerry Washington, Michele Obama and Jennifer Hudson, name five famous, beautiful dark skinned women. 

Naomi Campbell, Tatyana Ali, Foxy Brown, Serena Williams and Angela Bassett.


Tell people what you feel when you hear: "You’re pretty for a dark skinned girl.”

I used to get really upset when I was a teenager because the guys who used to say it had absolutely no chance with me in the first place to feel as if they could generalize me. Now that I am a little older, I laugh it off. That person is ignorant and seems as if he/she has only a certain group of friends. I’m from Los Angeles, and it’s a melting pot. When I feel someone is gorgeous, I don’t even pay attention to the skin color or tone. So, I really don’t waste my time addressing the comment with small minds anymore. I know what type of woman I am and I’m certainly one you cannot label. Funny thing, I never hear that comment from anyone outside of the African race. Those who are not of African decent feel that you are black rather than you are light or dark; they just see a pretty black girl.


Tell us something amazing about you that we wouldn't know besides seeing how beautiful you are to us.

Thank you! Most people don’t know that I am really nice and it’s just my nature to help people. Growing up, I wanted to be a judge/politician so that I could change the world. It is something that I am still interested in, but in due time. I might come off a bit strong or look mean to some people, but I’m actually one of the funniest girls in the industry. I just love being around good people and positivity. Now, don’t get me wrong, my advice is to never cross me because there is no in-between, but most people find comfort in my loyalty and friendship.


Give an encouraging word to fellow darker skinned models looking to make a career in this business. 

Whatever it is you set your heart out to do, do it! Do not let anyone or anything get in the way. Rome wasn’t built over night. So, have a little faith and some patience because it goes a long way. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are less of a model because you are dark skin. Trust me, we are the exotic ones because there aren’t so many of us in the industry.