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What is it about Michael Vick?

Posted by BMD Admin on 09/26/2011

What is it about Michael Vick?

By: Black-Tee DaPromoter


When you hear the name Mike Vick what comes to mind? Do you remember his electrifying career from Virginia Tech, or maybe you remember him from his stunning days as the QB for the Atlanta Falcons.


If you follow football or Vick you know that his career and life has been full of ups and downs just like any other living human. Coming out of college Vick was and still is one of the most talked about athletes in the sports nation.


He has been marked as an out of control player that doesn’t know when to fall to the ground or run out of bounds. You might even remember about his prison sentence for illegal dog fighting.


He has been praised as well as slandered. Some view him as a hero, while others view him as an enemy. Over the years Vick has led NFL teams like the Falcons and now the Eagles to the playoffs, but he hasn’t been able to get them to the “Big Game.”


Since his NFL debut and his past Madden 2004 football cover appearance, Vick has been a victim to serious injuries. All of which occurred in the same year of major contract signings and endorsements. When he played for the Falcons, the same year he was placed on the Madden cover he broke his leg and missed the entire season.


Just a few years later he was sent away to prison for supporting illegal dog fighting operations out of his home in Virginia. Since then Vick has returned back to ball play and in his sophomore year with the Philadelphia Eagles he has won the right to call himself the starting QB for head coach Andy Reid.


This year after the lockout ended, Mike was awarded a 100 million dollar contract. “It must be nice.” It’s sad to say that it looks like he probably won’t have to work too hard to earn his guaranteed 16 million a year at least for one year or half of the year. It has only been three weeks into the season and already in consecutive weeks he has sustained two serious injuries.


In his return to the “Georgia Dome” to face his former team (the Atlanta Falcons) Vick was knocked out of the game with a concussion late in the 2nd half of the game in which the Eagles lost. To make matters worse, in a NFC rematch against the NY Giants on Sunday, September 25, 2011 he was sent away from the game with a broken hand. The Eagles also lost this game.


I don’t how much justice you can do a team with a 100 million dollar contract if you aren’t able to perform at work.


It seems that with this kind of pressure on his back that he will never be able to redeem himself from his “dark” past. He both goes overboard trying to make “too much” happen and throws the game away or he gets knocked out of the game and his team loses.


After the Giants game Vick explained to the world how the officials don’t respect him with proper QB protection calls. You know, the kind of penalties they give you for even looking at Tom Brady or Peyton Manning the wrong way. It seems like there are certain people in the NFL that have it out for Vick as if they had a grudge against him, when all he wants to do is play football.


Is Vick going through an emotional breakdown or is he a target of the system? Will Vick be able to come back and silence his critiques or will he have to continue and sit back and continue to be black balled and slandered?


I’m not to sure, but I like Mike and I was happy to see him overcome all of those obstacles that he has overcome, but I am only one person. Let’s hope that Vick is ok and that he can shake those injuries and put all of his negative press behind him and return as that prominent athlete that well all know him for. Mike Vick… You and your career are in our prayers. You changed the game of quarterbacking that has opened the door for more quarterbacks of the same swagger… i.e. Cam Newton, Josh Freeman and Tavaris Jackson, just to name a few.