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Arielle Hill New York State Of Mind

Posted by BMD Admin on 07/26/2012

Arielle Hill
New York State Of Mind
Article by JG
New York City’s club scene has been renowned for decades. From Studio 54 in the ‘70s to The Tunnel in the ‘90s, New York clubs are legendary for providing the sexiest playground for the world’s elite entertainers, athletes, and personalities. Today, the venue names have changed but the attraction remains the same. Leading NYC venues today such as the chic Amnesia & eco-friendly Greenhouse now entertain a new generation that seek swag consisting of elite service, accommodations, ambiance and eye candy. At the forefront of it all is Arielle Hill, NYC’s leading lady supplying the best women, hottest celebs and star athletes to the hottest venues.

Without knowing Ms. Hill, one may think she is a simple socialite on the NYC club scene. Her history is much deeper and steeped with numerous accomplishments in arts and entertainment. A graduate of the renowned Baltimore School of Arts—whose former pupils include Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac Shakur—Arielle moved to NYC to pursue her ambitions of a ballet dancer at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. During her 19-year career in dance and ballet, she worked on several high profile projects with accomplished producers and directors such as Debbie Allen, The Terrero Brothers and 50 Cent. She also holds a degree in exercise physiology.

As her rigorous life as a disciplined dancer concluded, Arielle took advantage of her new life and immersed herself into the New York social scene that she had missed for years. Today, she is a permanent weekly presence in the hottest New York spots providing cool, relaxed experiences for her clientele that include average couples, corporate clients such as Moet Hennessy, celebrity clients such as Rosa Acosta, Future, Ludacris and athletes such as Shawn Green and Jason Paul-Pierre. She’s adept with providing the chic looks they seek complete with tables at the hottest venues, libations and fun, cordial women of the highest quality for her clients.

From dress to presentation, all aspects of Arielle’s services are meticulously planned to provide the supreme experience. NYC nightlife is the playground with Arielle making sure everyone plays together, plays fair and hard. Any assumptions about her or activity between her clients and the lady models she provides via her services should be quickly dispelled. Bluntly put, Arielle provides a service of entertainment. Anything that may occur between men and women are not her responsibility. After all, sex is a natural player within the world of entertainment. Any and all conjectures should remain as so.
As for the future, Arielle keeps her plans close to the vest but promises that they are indeed big. As for the now, you can count on Arielle to welcome you to the party life…the nightlife…the New York state of mind.
For more on Arielle Hill and upcoming events, follow her on Twitter: @ariellehill