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Body Paint - Living Breathing Art

Posted by BMD Admin on 05/22/2013

Body Paint

Living, Breathing Art


These beautifully designed creations painted on our models are the work of Edward Joseph aka, The Artist Ed. Growing up in Prince George’s County in Maryland, Ed played sports and enjoyed his favorite passion, art. Surprisingly, art wasn't his main focus growing up. He spent most of his time in high school playing football. Due to some financial hardships with his family, he was forced to move to Washington D.C. and thus his focus shifted from playing football to helping his family out financially. 

While living in D.C., Ed noticed a new fashion trend of hand painted shirts. He was intrigued by it's popularity and thought to himself, "Hey, I can do this myself." A good friend gave Ed fabric paint and encouraged him to experiment. During this time, his family moved back to PG County and Ed attended High Point High School where he finally got an opportunity to start fresh with not only his craft, but also academically. During his stay at High Point, one of his classmates asked him to make a t-shirt that said "Bronx" on it. His other classmates and even the administrators were so impressed that everybody in school started ordering custom shirts. 

After high school Ed continued his education at Prince George's Community College where he also sold his custom made shirts. One day Ed went to visit his good friend Justice, who happened to know the owner of the number one clothing company that specialized in custom made shirts, Miskeen Originals. Justice introduced Ed to the owner and the owner was very impressed with his work and offered him a job in Philly.

Ed, now an artist/designer for Miskeen, networked and marketed the brand to build relationships with different artists/celebrities by designing them custom shirts. The owner of Miskeen took notice to Ed's undeniable marketing skills and aided his effort by providing travel for Ed to go to various events. While in Atlanta Ed connected with different Music Video Directors, one in particular was Gabriel Hart. Gabe was shooting "My President Is Black" by Young Jeezy feat. Nas and he asked Ed and his partner Abu to paint a floor mural for the main scene of the video. This led Ed other opportunities to paint for other music videos such as, B.O.B, TI and Playboy Tre's "Bet I Bust", 8Ball, MJG and Young Dro’s "DJ Bring It Back", and many more.

One day while in Nashville, Ed was visiting one of the stores who sold Miskeen's merchandise and the storeowners asked him to body paint for their one-year anniversary party. The crowd was very impressed with this form of art, so Ed knew he had to start this new trend in D.C. He painted at various clubs in DC and garnered so much attention that Ed was being hired weekly to body paint at parties. From this exposure various photographers became very interested in working with Ed. He began having professional photo shoots with local models, which took his vision of body painting to another level. With each shoot, his talent evolved and models and photographers couldn't wait to work with him.

Due to the success of his body painting and photo shoots, Ed's popularity grew and he had a true following. He knew it was finally time to cut ties with Miskeen and take the next step in his journey and create, "The Artist Ed." Ed knew that the perfect location to help him jumpstart his new company was Atlanta. 

Ed is currently in Atlanta and continues to design custom shirts, canvases, and murals, and his new niche, body painting, he cannot end his day without giving credit to God. He knows that without HIM, all of the resources and opportunities he has been given would not be possible.