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Yo Gotti

Tuesday 28th, July 2015

Yo Gotti

He Is The Hustle

By Martin A. Berrios

Imagine working ten plus years towards your dream only to see it be mismanaged

several times along the way. Memphis’ own Yo Gotti knows that position all too well.

After becoming one of the most acclaimed rappers in the south, Gotti finally gets his

much deserved chance at a national spotlight with a recording and distribution deal

with Epic Records. His time is now and he is making the most of every hour. Black

Men magazine caught up with the self-proclaimed “King Of M Town” to discuss his

new album, I Am, Memphis and the hustle of a lifetime.

Black Men Magazine: Your come up hasn’t been an easy one. What has the

entire journey taught you?

Yo Gotti: I did a couple of [record] deals that didn’t pan out the way I wanted them

to pan out. I don’t regret anything because those situations made me the man who I

am today. The way I do business today, the way I invest in myself, my own money,

my own staff is part of what molded me in this space. You got to stay focused and

dedicated. You get what you put in. The hard work will determine what you benefit.

What's your vision for your label CMG Records?

Of course I just released my album, I Am, which was the first project under that

partnership. Right now, I just signed an artist called Snootie; he’s one of the hottest

artists coming out of the south right now. He got a big song called “Yayo.” Basically,

we are just trying to build an empire, man. We’re looking for new talent, the right

talent, really.

What other types of business interest you in terms of diversifying your

earnings and profit channels?

Yeah, I do a lot of real estate. I own a lot of commercial and residential properties in

Memphis. I’m trying to buy half the town. Anything that flips money, that is positive,

I’m with it. I’ve also invested in some other peoples’ businesses, so I’m also an


Memphis is such a historic city, what can you tell us about the nightlife?

You have to go to Pure Passion [strip club] on Monday nights if you want to check

out the female prospects. We got a couple more clubs out here, like A-Game

[Restaurant Bar] that’s a cool spot to go to. And we got this new spot called Prive.

In terms of food if you come to Memphis you have to eat some soul food or

barbeque. I think we got the best barbeque out there. Me, personally, I suggest

someone’s house [laughs]. But, anywhere you go the barbeque is going to be on


What can we expect from Yo Gotti in 2014?

To keep grinding and turn it up a notch. We are shooting the videos for “Cold Blood”

with J. Cole and “F-U” with Meek Mill. So, we’re still promoting the album and still


My biggest hustle thus far is music, but I just feel like as long as I am free, and I can

walk and talk and see things, I am my own business. I will figure out how to get

money and how to win. As long I am here I am the hustle.