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Verelda Williams

Friday 31st, July 2015

Name: Verelda Williams

Hometown: Hackensack, NJ

Born: St. Thomas

Raised: St. Thomas

Zodiac: Pisces


Bust: 34C

Waist: 26

Hip:  44

Social Network

Twitter: @fitbodybyv

(# Of Followers) 143 Followers

Instagram: fitbodybyv


What’s your workout like:

Cardio: Treadmill or stair master for 30 minutes.

Abs: Crunches and leg ups.

Waist: Twists

Lower back: Russian Twists

Butt lift or curve: Lunges and squats

Legs: Weights and lunges

Which exercise do you feel improves your physically sexual ability?

I feel that squats actually help you achieve that sexy arch in your lower


What part of your body are you looking to improve?

Smaller waist. My goal is to get to a size 25, which is an inch smaller.

What needs to be removed from your diet to be healthier?

Removing gluten from your diet can lead to flatter sexier abs. Gluten is the

number one contributor to belly fat.

Do you have a trainer?

I do not have a trainer, but I do take classes so that I can keep current on

what's going on in the fitness world.

Which gym or facility do you train in?

I am not affiliated with a gym. I am private, so I will go to my clients’ homes

or my building’s gym.

Sex & Business

How do you deal with those in business who “you” find attractive and

will have sex with?

I only work with females, and I am attracted to males.

Sex and business does coincide in the entertainment business. Is

there a healthy medium where sex and business can coincide with



Have you had business success with a person whom you also found

attractive and had sex with?


Does being attractive assist in: shopping budgets, travel, bills and



Favorite body part on your man: Chest and abs.

Marketing Tools

Contact: Verelda Williams