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Sincerely Isyss

Tuesday 4th, August 2015

Name: Isyss Jones

Nickname: Sincerely Isyss

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Born: Philadelphia

Raised: Philadelphia

Zodiac: Cancer


Bust: 36B

Waist: 33

Hip: 49


Magazine: Straight Stuntin, Assets, Sweets, Hip Hop Weekly, Dime Piece

Video: Plies – “See Nan" / Tae Bae Bae – “Snatchin"

Do you host events?


In which cities?



Twitter: @Sincerely_Isyss

# Followers: 42.4k

Instagram: @Sincerely_Isyss2

# Followers: 12k and counting!


Model Mayhem:

At your level in modeling, what is the standard annual income you believe

yourself and the others like you bring in?

With consistency in this industry, I believe that a model at my level can bring in a

couple grand a year. The more you market yourself and stay active in the modeling

industry you can almost guarantee your income will increase.

What's your side hustle?

Modeling is my side hustle. My main hustle is my current pursuit of a medical


Has sex ever played a part in your career?

My modeling career or civilian career? Nevertheless, with my modeling career it

hasn't, but it has with my civilian career. My job can be a bit stressful, so just like any

other woman with a healthy sexual appetite, what’s lacking or booming in my

personal life affects how I act in every other part of my life.

Do you believe reality TV guarantees a successful modeling career?

If you're the one in the spotlight with the right looks and team behind you, most

definitely. Marketing is everything, and with an attractive woman that’s already

been exposed to the public eye, the marketing simply produces itself. The fan base is

there, a story is there, and the public thirst to see and know more about her would

be rising. It’s all quite genius.

Where do you believe this pursuit of modeling is going to lead you?

I believe that it'll lead me to fun, unique opportunities that would allow me to travel,

make money and just be appreciated for being me. Did I mention the money? It’s all

too dope being paid to just be who you are while looking fabulous at it! I just tend to

just enjoy what I'm blessed with and be thankful I had a chance to succeed at what I

have thus far. And, at least later down the line I will have my career to clutch and

prosper at.

Hetero, bi or lesbian?


Why and why not?

I’m heterosexual because I love men of course. I'm not bi, or lesbian simply because

I haven't let my curiosity get the best of me…yet.


Favorite body part on your man.

I don't have a favorite part; I just love them to be tall and strong. But, I don’t mind a

set of abs to be part of the ensemble [laughs].

Craziest position:

I don’t consider what I’ve tried to be crazy. My mind wasn’t blown from a wow

factor position. So, all that counts with me is the magical finish! Ta-dah! [Laughs].

Craziest place:

Sauna. Hot...literally. I know, but we didn’t care!

Ultimate Goals

Game Plan: I want to graduate, prosper in modeling, travel, love and enjoy every bit

of my life! I plan to study, keep it tight and right, take risks, be happy and move


Accomplishment: Having school paid for and actually successfully passing my

classes is an accomplishment. Taking a stab at being a model and actually still being

relevant since my first publication is an accomplishment. But, now being in Black

Men magazine is a new accomplishment!

Marketing Tools

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