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Barbie Monroe Bank

Friday 23rd, October 2015


Nickname: Barbie Monroe Bank

Hometown: Trinidad 

Zodiac: Virgo 

Sizes: 30

Bust: 34D  

Waist: 24

Hip: 41


Twitter: @Texasbarbie19

# Of Followers: 200

Instagram: @barbiemonroe_forever

# Of Followers: 19k


Magazine: Pressure (cover), Dulce Girl

Runway: Lucky Girls Fashion Show (overseas in 2010)

Advertisement: Levi commercial (at age 12)

Favorite food/Restaurant: Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse.

Favorite drink: Cranberry juice or grapefruit.

This being our second time, how do you feel about Black Men magazine dedicating an issue to browner skinned models?

It's a good thing because black America doesn't see dark skin women as being beautiful—in high fashion, yes, we are winning, like Paris they embraces us. Adult entertainment magazines, like sexy magazines, they don't see us as sexy. I, myself, support the browner skin vixen models like Miracle, Lira, Bernice Burgos—they really make brown skinned vixens models look good.

Do you think darker skinned models are booked less? Why?

Depends how big your name is like the girls that I mentioned before probably get booked way more than any light skinned models. Beautiful brown skinned women are rare, so you get more attention. To me, personally, it's not how much you get booked, but how much you get booked for. I can be booked up every weekend, but I don't take anything less then $2,000. And, I'm not really that known yet, but working on my acting skills. I'm the next Gabrielle Union. Donc très bientôt [Very soon]. 

Describe your type of man.  

A Leo…a king .  Someone who looks over me. Humble, and not an over-talker. A visionary. He has to be able to see his goals and make them happen. 

Name five things a man should never say to you.

Right now, I'm a dancer. You can say anything to me in the club because I speak green there. 

Girls night—you and your girls sip wine and the subject most commonly discussed is...

I don't get drunk and have discussions. Women, we tend to be messy. 

Besides Kerry Washington, Michele Obama and Jennifer Hudson, name five famous, beautiful dark skinned women.

Oprah Winfrey, Vivica Fox, Dr. Maya Angelou, Tika Sumpter, Iman Abdulmajid and Naomi Campbell. I look up to all them.

Tell people what you feel when you hear: "You’re pretty for a dark skinned girl."

Thank you, because they acknowledge that I am dark skinned, but I'm not pretty, I'm beautiful…and rare.

Tell us something amazing about you that we wouldn't know besides seeing how beautiful you are to us.

I can't tell how amazing I am—you have to be around me to see it. 


Give an encouraging word to fellow darker skinned models looking to make a career in this business.  

Don't believe everything the next model says to you—they’re your competition. If someone has to encourage you to be the best, then it's not for you.