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Friday 23rd, October 2015

Name: Holly

Nickname: Tattedupholly

Age: 24

Nickname: Hollywood 

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Zodiac: Taurus (may 13)

Height: 5'7


Bust: 36C

Waist: 28

Hip: 44



Twitter: @tatteduphollyyy

# Of Followers: 16.5k

Instagram: @tattedupholly

# Of Followers: 343k



Magazine: XXL Eye Candy Oct/Nov 2014

TV: “First 48” and “Law & Order: SVU”


Favorite food/Restaurant: Favorite food has to be Mexican, spicy foods.

Favorite drink: Lychee Martini 


This being our second time, how do you feel about Black Men magazine dedicating an issue to browner skinned models?

I absolutely love my darker shades. I think it's beautiful. I think it’s exotic and exciting. 


Do you think darker skinned models are booked less? Why?

If you’re talking about high fashion and runway, then maybe just a little bit. But lately, I have to say I have been seeing more darker skin models across the board. If you are talking about urban modeling, then no. Urban modeling has all shades of beauty. 


Describe your type of man. 

Ugh men! What can I say? [Laughs.] My type of man would have to be tall, dark and handsome. So cliché. But seriously, I love a man who is stable, ambitious and loyal. Sounds so far-fetched nowadays to ask for loyalty. I think I was born in the wrong era. I'm really just seeking a friendship so strong, and a connection so deep, that we won't be able to live without each other. 


Name five things a man should never say to you.

1. “My phone is dying.”

2. “Why are you always doing your hair and nails?”

3. “Are you really going to wear that?”

4. “I got money, baby.”

5. “Is that ass real?” 


Girls night—you and your girls sip wine and the subject most commonly discussed is...

1. Fashion

2. Planning next vacation 

3. Boys

4. Snap shots (texts, social media, fashion)

5. TV shows


Besides Kerry Washington, Michele Obama and Jennifer Hudson, name five famous, beautiful, dark skinned women.

1. Gabriel Union 

2. Angela Bassett 

3. Tamar Braxton 

4. Sanaa Lathan 

5. Jada Pinkett-Smith


Tell people what you feel when you hear: "You’re pretty for a dark skinned girl."

It's ignorant. I believe that everybody is beautiful to somebody. I believe that everybody has meaning. I've seen some very beautiful, dark skin women. And, I wish I were darker. I love me in the summer when I'm all tanned. 


Tell us something amazing about you that we wouldn't know besides seeing how beautiful you are to us.

One amazing fact about me is that no matter how many times I fall, slip, or hit a minor bump, I always get back up and try again. I've never been one to sit and wait for a handout. I've been ambitious my whole life. I don't know what it means to be idle, stuck or incapable. I've always had expensive taste and wasn't born with a silver spoon. So, I had to learn at an early age what was the definition of independent. 


Give an encouraging word to fellow darker skinned models looking to make a career in this business. 

I would have to say, "Stay positive." And, for every time someone tells you, "You can't do it," make that motivate you. Take care of your body! Invest in your body, your smile, your life—invest in your mind. Stay active. Remember bags and shoes are cute now, but after the season is over, it’s on to the next one. So, invest in things that you will carry with you throughout your whole life.