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Tresure P.

Tuesday 4th, August 2015

Name: Tresure P


Hometown: Houston, TX

Zodiac: Scorpio


Bust: 32

Waist: 28

Hip: 40



Magazine: Straight Stuntin Magazine Issue #23

Video: Waka Flocka, Bun B and Ludacris – “Candy Paint and Gold Teeth,” Slim Thug

and Paul Wall – “Gold,” Trae the Truth, Kirko Bangs and Slim Thug – “I’m from


Do you host events?

Yes, in any city I’m needed in.

In which cities have you hosted?

So far, I’ve hosted events all throughout Texas, DC, New York and Atlanta.



Twitter: @Imtresurep

# of followers: 21,000

Instagram: @iamtresurep

# of followers: 8,000

Finding your elders on social networks is…

Very important to find them and show them respect. You never know how it may

help you later.

How many fake pages are there of you out there?

There are two, which is flattering to me, actually.

How do you reply to online haters?

Haters get no love. I let them motivate me

If you see a guy's page you like you...

I actually never look at guys’ pages. I prefer to look at the girls’ pages.


Is there an advantage to having a nice derrière?

Yes, you can get a lot of what you want.


The only disadvantage is sometimes people only focus on the booty instead of your

face or intelligence.

Would you rather have a great face and no butt or vice versa?

Great face and no butt, most definitely. Your butt means nothing without a cute face

to me.

If your butt disappeared, you would…

Probably have to go get but shots.

Your feelings on butt shots?

Pro choice. If that’s what makes you happy, then do it—as long as it looks good.


Favorite body part on your man: His lips, I like nice soft lips.

Craziest position: Upside down.

Craziest place: The beach.

Ultimate Goals

Game Plan: My goal is to build myself into a brand and turn that into an empire. I

hope to transition into hosting and acting. I’m also a college student and I hope to

get my degree within the next two years. And, I’m going to start by trying to find

good management.

Accomplishments: Getting published in a major magazine (Straight Stuntin) before

the age of 20. Also, appearing on websites like and as

an exclusive. I have also done several music videos with well-known artists.


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