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Tuesday 4th, August 2015

Name: Myhria

Nicknames: DIVA Myhria

Hometown: Childress, TX

Born: Childress, TX

Raised: Childress, TX

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Sizes: Small

Bust: 32 DD

Waist: 26

Hip: 38


Magazine: Black Men Magazine (cover): Swimsuit Extra College Girls of

the South, Black Men Magazine: 101 Sexiest Women, Down Magazine,

Don Diva Magazine, Dime Candy Magazine, JET Beauty of week

Video: Lead role on Az Yet video, lead role on Slim Thug’s “That Girl Bad”

Commercial/Ad: Summer Fantasies’ 75 most beautiful women,

Kools Cigarette (Body Paint)

Runway: Texas Summer Music Conference, Mose, 2 Steps Away

Do you host events?


In which cities?

Dallas, TX.


Twitter: @MyhriaG

Instagram: @Myhria

Facebook: Search “Myhria Gorman”

At your level in modeling, what is the standard annual income you

believe yourself and the others like you bring in?

I believe it is between $2500 to $4000.

What's your side hustle?

Makeup and lash artist.

Has sex ever played a part in your career?


Do you believe reality TV guarantees a successful modeling career?

It can, and it does, but in order to have a successful career it is based on

the person as a whole. How much drive that person has to take it all the

way to the top. It is the person that makes the career not the career that

makes the person.

Where do you believe this pursuit of modeling is going to lead you?

Eventually on the big screen playing in movies, being in more magazines,

hosting events along with doing makeup and lash extension for celebrities.

Hetero, Bi or Lesbian?


Why and why not?

I love men.

Favorite body part on your man: I love all parts of a man’s body especially

fit men.

Craziest position: Doggie Style

Craziest place: On a glass elevator.

Ultimate Goals

Game Plan: I plan on pursuing modeling all the way to the big screen. I

want to have my own makeup and hair extension line and a salon by 2014.

Accomplishment: I’ve graced several major magazines. I am a makeup

and lash artist.

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