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Charles Gardner's passion for photography centers on his love of art. Whether negotiating the narrows of a remote area in the Nevada desert or climbing down a mountain to a waterfall in Panama, his skill in capturing the essence of his subjects reflects his deep art background.

His photographs have been published in magazines, books, calendars and commercial advertising projects around the world. His images have appeared in a wide variety of publications including: BlackMen, JM, Girls of Lowrider, Lowrider, American Curves, Maxim, Maxim En Español, The Source, Vibe, Washingtonian and many more magazines.

Charles's photographic journey began when a group of close friends saw that he had an eye for taking pictures and convinced him to buy a camera. Immediately falling in love with the idea of creating something special in a digital format, he spent the next four years combining the demands of clients with the pleasures of shooting people in his own style and concepts. After graduating from the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, he went to Maryland College of Art and got his degree in cartoon animation. Determined to find a way where he could combine his love of the art with the necessities of earning a living, he decided to pick up a camera and pursue his dream.

For the next four years, every free moment was spent photographing and exploring the ideas and concepts for shoots. By mid-2007, he had established enough of a following among magazine photo editors and other clients that he was able to pursue his photography on a full-time basis. He embarked on his new career with enthusiastic determination, photographing adventure-oriented subjects around the world. From the high peaks of the Himalaya to the beaches of New Brazil, Charles was so seduced by the beauty of these wild places that he soon began his photographic emphasis on location-based photography.

While Charles enjoys the day-to-day responsibilities of working with clients and running the business, the most rewarding aspect of his work is derived from his time spent in the field, in search of new locations and photographs. It's this sense of discovery and always wanting to know what's over the horizon—or around the next bend in the canyon—that continues to motivate Charles today both personally and professionally. Based in Washington, DC and LA, Charles has become one of the top glamour photographers in the country.

Charles Gardner's Sets